NCR RealScan™ Single Window Scale


The NCR RealScan™ Single Window Scale (7812) lets you use a simple, all-in-one compact scale in areas where a traditional bi-optic scanner and scale may not fit. This scale is a “perfect fit” with NCR’s RealScan™ 84 Scanner and makes weighing even your heaviest items simple and easy.






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Product Summary





A compact full-function scale — the ideal solution for fast and efficient scanning and weighing in a single window design



Weighing has never been so easy! 


This all-in-one compact scale lets you scan and weigh produce and other items in areas where a traditional bi-optic scanner and scale may not fit. This scale is a “perfect fit” with NCR’s RealScan 84 Scanner/ Scale (laser and hybrid models), and makes weighing items simple and easy. Self-checkout stations and assisted lanes can also benefit from the new NCR RealScan Single Window Scale.


Who doesn’t want more bang for their buck? 


The NCR RealScan Single Window Scale scale provides greater value than any scale in its class! Its flexibility not only includes scanning and weighing in a compact footprint, but it also includes Sensormatic and Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) capabilities that enhance store security. Whether you choose the laser or hybrid imaging single window scanner, the NCR RealScan Single Window Scale lets you connect all of your retail peripherals, including handheld scanners, easily and discreetly


Big things come in little packages 


The NCR RealScan Single Window Scale includes the intuitive user interaction you’ve come to expect from NCR! ScanAdvisor offers voice diagnostic and LED lights that help retailers diagnose issues with the scanner and it also assists with scale calibration. The NCR RealScan Single Window Scale uses the familiar user interface that customer associates have come to appreciate from NCR. You get more scale functionality than ever before with integrated scale control and volume buttons. With our scanner management tools you can easily configure, deploy and manage the device easier than ever before.



Key features 


  • Convenient scale option in a single window scanner space
  • Similar service parts shared with NCR Scanner family makes service simple
  • Flexible connectivity options including additional USB and Serial ports
  • Support for EAS deactivation solutions
  • Friendly user experience that has come to be expected from NCR
  • Compatible with the NCR RealScan 84 Hybrid Scanner
  • Upgrade current NCR RealScan 84 scanners to scale with a building block approach



Technical specifications 



  • 30lb (15kg) in 0.01lb (0.005kg) increments



  • RS-232, USB (NCR/ PC and IBM/POS), IBM RS-485
  • Auxiliary ports: 2 x RS232, 4 x PC-USB (Type A)



  • Horizontal top plate: EverScan glass – lifetime warranty



  • Option for Sensormatic® Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) interlock and deactivation coil
  • Option for Checkpoint®EAS interlock and integrated antenna 



  • 12V terminal power option (90–264VAC/47–63Hz)



  • WIDTH 11.5” (291 mm)
  • HEIGHT 6.3” (160 mm)
  • DEPTH 11.5” (292 mm)