NCR RealScan 79e Bi-Optic Imager Scanner/Scale

Are you ready to go beyond the barcode?  Let us show you how with the latest all imaging bi-optic scanner/scale, the NCR RealScan™ 79e Bi-Optic Imager.  It reads 1D, 2D and Mobile barcodes fast and efficiently. This all imaging scanner has a six-sided all-imaging scan capability with strong top-down performance while boasting the largest imaging scan zone in its class. The RealScan™ 79e supports computer vision technologies,  such as NCR Picklist Assist and Produce Assurance, further maximizing your technology investment.


The RealScan™ 79e’s bold new look with edge-to-edge glass maximizes scan volume for greater performance. Its intuitive ScanAdvisor light bar provides cashiers and consumers with instant visual feedback when items are successfully scanned. With an optional remote consumer imager, your customers can have an intuitive way to scan their mobile phones or loyalty cards without any help.

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