NCR RealPOS™ X-Series Displays

Whether you need an associate (cashier) display or a customer-facing display, we have you covered. The RealPOS™ X-Series displays are available in 10” and 15” and come in both touch and non-touch models – the choice is yours. A 2x20 customer display is also available to pair with the RealPOS XR7 point-of-sale terminal to provide your customers with the information they need during checkout.


The RealPOS X-Series displays are a stylish line of displays offered in either projected capacitive or resistive touch technology to best meet your needs. No matter which one you choose, all of the displays were designed and built for retail to give you the quality and long life you need. Pair it with one of the RealPOS™ point-of-sale terminals to create a customized solution for your stores.

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One size does not fit all 


Your stores are unique and your needs are always changing. The X-Series displays are available in both 10.4” and 15” sizes and can be used by associates or to display pricing and promotional messages for your customers. An encrypted magnetic stripe reader (MSR) is available for enhanced security as well as an optional fingerprint biometric reader. You can also choose how to mount the display, either on a countertop “stand pole”, or integration to a POS terminal. Whichever options you prefer, these displays are sure to enhance the appearance of your wrap stand or checkout and save you valuable counter space.



Tap, zoom, swipe, or scroll 


The ultra-thin X-Series displays are available with projected capacitive or resistive touchscreen options to let you select the right display for your stores. Projected capacitive supports both gesture-based and multi-touch interactions, making it familiar and easy for your associates to use. Another advantage is that projected capacitive never requires calibration to simplify installation and help reduce service calls. For single touch capability at a value price, the resistive touchscreen option may best meet your needs.



Play it safe 


Let’s face it, your store environment can be harsh on point-of-sale equipment. The X-Series displays are sleek and elegant looking, but don’t let that fool you. All of the X-Series displays are engineered to withstand the rigors of retail without compromising appearance or ease of use. And because accidents will happen, they are resistant to minor liquid spills and even dust. The stylish design makes it easy to clean, and the 15” has a rugged die-cast aluminum chassis for added durability. Software-based on-screen-display (OSD) controls prevent tampering or accidental shutdown.



Connect with shoppers where it counts 


Engage shoppers by providing them useful information on pricing, promotions, or upcoming events with the X-Series display family. All X-Series displays feature high brightness making them easy to read and creating an enjoyable experience for both your customers and store associates.. These stylish displays are available in a variety of sizes and include both touch and non-touchscreen—the choice is yours.







  • Sleek zero-bezel design
  • High bright and high contrast LED- backlit LCD display
  • VESA compliant mounting options for a countertop, wall, or pole
  • Flexible video interfaces including Display port, HDMI, VGA and DVI (via HDMI)
  • Amplified stereo speakers
  • Integrated peripheral options include an encrypted MSR or biometric fingerprint reader
  • Purpose-built design is durable and reliable