The market is changing — stay ahead of the curve with NCR.

Insulate your business from inflation, market shifts and more when you partner with NCR. Our cutting-edge platform and savvy retail professionals can help you optimize and modernize your stores.

Sometimes the only thing standing between your store and a lost customer is a product that just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Believe it or not, we can use insights from your business to help you identify problems like this, not to mention manage store traffic and inventory levels. And that’s not all. 

With wall-to-wall service and support, we can spot the “why” behind a POS failure in seconds using predictive monitoring tools. These same tools can help you develop new services that can increase customer loyalty and your ability to win.

Inventory. Staffing. Promotion. Competition. Customer relationship management. You have enough on your plate—let us run your IT so you can run your store. With hundreds of service center staff monitoring your multivendor devices 24/7, we spot incidents before you do and resolve them before it matters. That’s the power of our advanced technology at work. Now, let’s put it to work for you.

From POS to payments, we simplify your IT with a single services solution. Our dedicated payments platform combines seamless integration of the features you need, with the flexibility businesses need. Simply put, we make it easy for your customers to make a payment or purchase a product, anytime, anywhere.

We are your trusted partner, your single source solution provider, the reliable vendor embracing challenges to protect global commerce. And once you make the decision to move from the physical to the digital, to innovate and embrace automation, we’ll still be there with you every step of the way, moving your business forward.

What makes NCR products and services different?

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