NCR Interactive Signage-DSR

With NCR’s Interactive Signage solution, you can maximize the power of digital marketing and communications, informing and assisting your shoppers at the right time and place with the right message. Delivering targeted messages – such as last-minute specials – provides value for your shoppers and provides increased sales opportunities for your enterprise.


This solution can also boost loyalty for your brand by providing personalized information and promotions for your shoppers, or helping them find products and services that appeal to their interests.

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Product Summary





Deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place 


Provide personalized, compelling messages to your customers at the optimal time and place. 



Increase sales 


Imagine increasing your revenue potential by 19%! Studies have shown that nearly one in five consumers who viewed digital signage-based advertisement made an unplanned purchase after seeing the advertisement.* Digital signs promoting complementary products and services or special promotions allow you to cross-sell and upsell products throughout your store.


*Source: Arbitron Digital Place-Based Video Study 2010



Create new revenue streams 


Provide an entirely new channel for your marketing and merchandising partners to reach customers. The NCR Interactive Signage solution is an ideal platform for selling advertising space, delivering promotions, or driving traffic to other related areas of your business.



Deliver real-time information 


Providing shoppers with real-time information is a value-add they can appreciate, as it greatly improves their ability to make informed decisions. The dynamic nature of digital signage makes it ideal to deliver real-time information such as last-minute and limited-time promotions or in-store specials.



Extend the value of customer loyalty 


The NCR Interactive Signage solution can enhance your loyalty program in entirely new ways. Improve the consumer experience by providing more personalized information or promotions, or help consumers find the latest products and services that appeal to their interests.



Inform and entertain 


Today more than ever, shoppers are time-starved, and they place a high value on their time. The NCR Interactive Signage solution provides an informative and entertaining diversion that reduces perceived wait times while improving the customer experience.



Key features 


  • Flexible digital sign layout and content scheduling, designed for the business user
  • Support for a wide range of digital media and content file formats
  • Ticker, crawl and really simple syndication (RSS) feed configuration and display
  • Simple, template-oriented message portal supporting distributed creation of localized and custom content specific to an individual sign or group of signs
  • Date and day-part scheduling to help ensure the right message is delivered at the right time
  • Ability for advertising agencies or third parties to upload, manage and schedule content