Give customers the modern shopping experience they want with mobile and self-service

Offer flexibility and a consistently high-touch, digitally rich experience that customers will come back for again and again.

Some shoppers want your associates to help them find what they need, show them what’s new and offer recommendations. Others want to browse, buy and check out on their own.


With mobile and self-service tools, you can provide both. You’ll empower your associates to deliver great service anywhere on the sales floor, cut queues with self-checkout stations and so much more.

  • Boost upsells and cross-sells by being where your customers are, making recommendations and ringing up the sale anywhere on the floor
  • Increase throughput and maximize your associates' time
  • "Save the sale" by offering quick and convenient checkout options, keeping customers from leaving during peak times when queues are long

More than 20,000 stores drive more sales through NCR VOYIX Consumer Engagement Solutions. Shouldn't you?

Don’t know which product you need? We can help you.

Get all the customer engagement must-haves to grow your brand.

Connect your online and in-store experience by putting power in the hands of your customers to browse, scan, pay and go.

  • Intuitive personal shopping application
  • Supports consumer iOS and Android-based devices and Android-based personal shopping devices
  • Ability to access and modify shopping lists on the go and track spending
  • Integration with POS and loyalty applications to deliver real-time offers
  • Support for item location, detailed product information, and price verification
  • Tendering capability at self-checkout, on the personal shopping device, or mobile phone, and at an assisted lane

Put customers in control of their experience and make shopping faster, easier and more convenient for them.‍

  • Small footprint solution, ideal for just about any retail format
  • Ideal for high volume stores with small baskets and strong card usage
  • Saves money on your technology investment by eliminating cash and coin tender options and security scale
  • Flexible installation options (floor pedestal, to a countertop or wrap stand, or even on a wall)

What makes NCR VOYIX products and services different?

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