Counterpoint Inventory Management

NCR Counterpoint’s integrated inventory management and tracking system allows you to efficiently manage your merchandise. Detailed merchandise records, flexible pricing options, and in depth reporting ultimately improves the flow of your business.


Record detailed merchandise information - Our system lets you group items by category and sub category as well as assign multiple vendors, units, and barcodes to each item. 20 custom fields let you track the information that’s important to you.


Custom pricing structure - Managing and pricing your inventory correctly saves you time and makes your business profitable. Assign up to 6 prices for each item. Price by store or by color/ size with location-specific and SKU-specific pricing.


Transfer merchandise - Transfer inventory easily between stocking locations. Make merchandise distribution decisions easily based upon stocking levels or replenishment calculations in our Transfer Advice report.


Complete physical counts - Count your items and track variances with a complete physical inventory system. Freeze specific items, categories or locations and count part of your inventory while operations continue in other areas.


Shelf analysis - Maximize your gross margin ROI and make informative pricing, merchandising and purchasing decisions with more than 40 inventory reports.

Features & Benefits

  • Create detailed records about your merchandise

  • Set specific prices and rules for each item

  • Group, sell and track related items in bundles

  • Transfer inventory easily between your store locations

  • Count your items and track variances with our physical inventory system

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