The RealPOS™ XR3 offers efficient performance at a value price.  The XR3 is an integrated multi-touch POS featuring a sleek design plus unique front access cable connections to simplify installation and service.  It has an energy-efficient Intel® Celeron® processor allowing for fan-less operation.




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Product Summary


NCR RealPOS™ XR3 - Efficient performance at a value price



An integrated POS terminal at a value price 


The NCR RealPOS XR3 is our latest integrated multi-touch POS featuring a sleek design plus unique front access cable connections to simplify installation and service. It has an energy-efficient Intel® Celeron® processor allowing fan-less operation and when combined with a solid state drive option, there are no moving parts to maximize reliability.



Every bit counts 


The XR3’s unique integrated design saves valuable space in your stores and allows for separation of the display from the base to create a modular configuration to customize the right solution for your checkout. The bezel-free projected capacitive display supports 10-point multi-touch and does not require calibration. A resistive touch display is also offered if you prefer. Both displays offer an optional encrypted magnetic stripe reader. 



Reliability you can count on 


The XR3, like all of our X-series terminals, offers high reliability and includes an on-board image recovery button to quickly restore your POS software image should a corruption occur. NCR’s Command Center support software is also available for remote diagnostics and repair giving your further peace of mind.



The bottom line 


The NCR RealPOS XR3’s sleek new design is ideal for just about any retail environment. Pair it with our extensive family of customer displays, scanners and other retail peripherals to create a customized solution for your stores. The XR3’s efficient performance and value price is your key to creating exceptional checkout experiences without sacrificing reliability.



Key features 


  • Resistive or bezel-free projected capacitive touch (10-point multi-touch)
  • Energy-efficient design with Intel’s Celeron System-on-chip technology (SoC)
  • Fan-less retail-hardened design 



Technical specifications 



Dimensions include tabletop stand and magnetic stripe reader: • HEIGHT 13" (331 mm)

  • WIDTH 15.6" (395 mm)
  • DEPTH 10.8" (274 mm)
  • WEIGHT 16.5lbs (7.5kg)



  • Intel® Celeron® Processor N3060 Dual Core



  • Up to 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz



  • 60GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 120GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 250GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 



  • 7 USB ports: – 4 Powered USB 12V – 1 Powered USB 24V (printer) – 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • Optional serial: 3 x RS232 (2 x RJ50, 1 x DB9)
  • 2 Digital video interfaces (Display Port)
  • Cash drawer port (supports dual drawers–12 or 24V)
  • 1 Audio port (amplified)
  • 10/100/1000MB (Gigabit) Ethernet LAN



  • Windows® Embedded POSReady 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 Professional (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 10 loT Embedded Operating System (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • SUSE® Linux® Enterprise for Point-of-Service (SLEPOS 12) 64-bit
  • Android Lollipop 5.1.1