Data & Analytics

Gain Deeper Visibility Into Your Business

Data & Analytics

Gain Deeper Visibility Into Your Business

Today, businesses have more data than ever before, which makes converting raw data into meaningful insights extremely challenging. Turning data into actionable insights is essential for identifying areas of improvement, forecasting how changes in your business will impact the bottom line, and ensuring your business can maintain a competitive advantage.


NCR’s Business Intelligence Solution has the capability to analyze operational and consumer transaction data to help businesses make smarter decisions. Our solution has predefined KPIs to help businesses start learning and acting on the data immediately, and is delivered in an easily digestible format. We understand that different types of businesses maintain different types of data, so we offer segmented solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your industry.


Our business operations solution helps provide insight into your operational data, empowering you to optimize your assets. We consolidate the transactional data, inventory balance, forecasted demand, and cash requirements to help you understand how the business is doing as a whole. Demand-planning and predictive services helps your business reduce both out-of-stocks and overstocks and provides insights into addressing problems before they happen.  


Our consumer analytics solution is focused on bringing greater awareness and understanding into what your consumers want and need. Having this level of insight enables you to deliver the service that consumers expect, stay competitive, reduce margin erosion, and focus your attention on ways to drive engagement and profits.


These solutions are vital in today’s competitive environment. Trust in NCR to deliver the right solution to help you make sense of the vast amount of data flowing through your business and to produce targeted recommendations in a way that can truly transform your business.

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