NCR VOYIX Counterpoint Presents

Store and Forward

Uninterrupted credit card processing during times of communication failures. Store and Forward isn't just limited to internet outages. It includes processor outages, too!

Saves You Money

You will never lose sales again because of an uncontrollable connection issue. Store and Forward will store the credit card payment while offline, and begin processing it once you establish connection again.

Transparent User Experience

Store and Forward does not need to be turned on. It is always running in the background. Regardless if you have internet connection or not, the user experience will be the same. This means no extra training for your sales associates!

Store and Forward is highly configurable. It can...

  • Enable Store and Forward per work terminal
  • Control max number of transactions while in an outage
  • Control max dollar amount a transaction can be while in an outage
  • Set time Store and Forward can be active in times of communication failures