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Run your store with NCR VOYIX—no matter your industry

We also serve Automotive Aftermarkets, Footwear Stores, Franchises, Museums, Specialty Food Shops, and Thrift Stores.

Manage membership

Sell memberships and verify benefits from anywhere in the park.  Built-in CRM functionality allows you to capture detailed member information, automatically track purchase history, and manage benefits for all types of customers: members, visitors, schools, etc.

Membership discounts can be applied automatically, account information can be updated online or onsite. Memberships can be upgraded and purchases as gifts.


Analyze data

A customized auto parts POS software gives you the functionality you need to own your data, see it the way you want to see it, and use it to drive sales and run your business more efficiently.

Flexible reporting allows for analysis of inventory quantities, sales, turns, profitability, and merchandising.  Know what’s in stock, on order, and in transit with instant inventory updates.

Franchisees can track, share and transfer merchandise across all locations.

See if another store in the franchise group has inventory available. Cut costs by letting the system suggest transfers based on which stores have a surplus.

Integrated customer loyalty and gift card programs reward preferred customers and bring in new clientele.  Built-in CRM functionality allows you to automatically track purchase history as well as capture detailed customer information including contact information, favorite foods and preferences.

Use information you capture to market to your customers.

“We love knowing that our system will keep running in case of a major Internet outage. Now we have an offline mode with backup for processing our customer’s credit cards so downtime is a thing of the past for us.”

Goodwill Chattanooga

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