NCR Counterpoint Features


Text or email alerts allow you to keep track of activities in your store at all times. Be instantly alerted to potentially fraudulent situations, store operations, and see daily sales figures with POS data. Now you can be all places at once.


Monitor Store Operations

Take immediate actions to activities that could affect your bottom line with key business alerts including low inventory warnings, current cash on hand notifications, alerts if no one has signed in when a store opens, and receive daily sales figure reports.

Customer service

Your business depends on your customers. With point of sale data, stay connected to sales activities that affect your customer service.

Receive alerts around sales reps activity, including opening the store, when the rep has logged into the system, a review of pending orders, and notifications of large sales or refunds.


NCR Smart Alerts scans transaction history and instantly identifies anyone performing activities outside standard daily activities via a security alert.

Such transaction alerts and notifications include excessive discounts, refunds or sales outside of normal business hours, and excessive returns or voided tickets.

“We can put [our new hires] into a position to start working on their first day and to start using the system with very little complications”

Kim Watson, Retail Buyer Manager at Bavarian Inn Lodge     

What makes NCR products and services different?