NCR VOYIX hardware solutions provide innovative, integrated technology that meets the rigorous demands of the petroleum and convenience retail industry. NCR has designed tools to maximize simplicity and speed in every aspect of retailer operations. From fuel to foodservice, NCR?s cost-effective hardware solutions offer efficiency, reliability and security while helping increase sales and profit. NCR's comprehensive hardware suite includes point-of-sale terminals, electronic payment controllers, kitchen display systems, fuel controllers, servers, peripherals and more.

Point of Sale Options


NCR VOYIX's POS hardware includes terminals, handhelds, PC workstations, and self-service kiosks that are capable of handling the everyday challenges petroleum.

Electronic Payment Controller - EPC4

The new NCR VOYIX Electronic Payment Controller (EPC) is a dedicated node responsible for running the Electronic Payment Software (EPS) and Radiant Loyalty Manager (RLM) applications.

Site Controllers


The NCR VOYIX Site Controller is the site central repository of the consolidated transaction data, access point for support and the interface point for external software systems.