In-store may be the shiny face of retail, but it requires complicated mechanics that get the right

mix of products from the manufacturers to where they need be. The many moving pieces

involved in supply chain management all need to work together in concert to make sure

customers get what they want and expect. The solution is simple: Make your supply chain

operations more efficient and accurate. With NCR VOYIX, you can


  • Fill warehouses with the products that people want to buy at the lowest cost possible
  • Confirm systems are communicating the right information across the board
  • Simplify the back-end of supplier-to-retailer business processes
  • Utilize order management systems that answer the spectrum of fulfillment, invoicing and                  accounting needs
  • Engage with your customers through mobile and online self-service tools


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Get the right product, in the right place, at the right time with NCR VOYIX