Give your customers fast, flexible self-service

Checkout solutions that put your customers in charge of their experience and reduce labor costs.


  • Fast and personalized self-checkout experience with industry-leading performance
  • Easy-to-use interface that quickly guides shoppers through their transactions
  • Advanced fraud detection features that use computer vision technology
  • Cash management and recycling capabilities come standard
  • Secure payment processing for card, cash and mobile payments
  • Designed to allow one cashier to help self-checkout customers without leaving the register
  • Remote intervention monitoring tools so associates can address exceptions from anywhere in the store
  • Enables contactless checkout with integration to NCR FastLane Mobile Shopper
  • A range of hardware options available, configurable to any store footprint


Build customer confidence

Self-checkouts help promote social distancing and reduce direct interactions between associates and customers. You’ll give your customers more control over how they shop, helping them feel more secure at a time when fewer close interactions feels safer. Plus:

  • With support for cash, card and mobile payments, self-checkout appeals to every shopper and doesn’t exclude the underbanked
  • You’ll reduce lines at the checkout so your customers can get in and out quickly, the true meaning of convenience
  • Its intuitive UI makes using self-checkout fun and engaging, which increases adoption rates
  • Loyalty integration supports earning and redeeming rewards, so the checkout experience is personalized to each customer
  • The payment process is simplified with FastPay, allowing shoppers to tap/insert/swipe payment cards anytime during the transaction
  • Thanks to recent innovations, we offer new checkout protocols that reduce screen touches 

Reduce labor cost

A single attendant can work the register while providing assistance for multiple self-checkout terminals as needed. So during heavy traffic times, you don’t have to employ more associates, since self-checkout can help people get in and get out fast.

  • Store associates can be allocated to higher-value tasks when times are slow, which helps balance out labor scheduling
  • Minimize manual cash handling, which simplifies daily store manager tasks
  • With mobile remote attendant functionality, associates can review and resolve self-checkout interventions from anywhere in the store for faster speed of service
  • Optional, automated digital age verification application can reduce interventions and streamline the self-checkout process when restricted items are purchased

Fight checkout fraud

Our self-checkout solutions deliver EMV compliant transactions for contact and contactless payments. Additionally:

  • Computer vision-based transaction tracking detects scan violations and immediately alerts associates
  • Advanced algorithms minimize false intervention alerts so resources are focused on real threats, and doesn’t slow down sales for everyone
  • For self-checkout units with scales, automated fraud detection features include weight-based security monitoring 

Stay in step with the market

87% of shoppers say they would prefer to shop in stores with touchless or robust self-checkout options. And C-Store News found 40.9% of c-stores plan to add self-checkout in 2020. So, by adding NCR Self-Checkout for C-stores, you’ll:

  • Deliver the options and flexibility today’s consumers want
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Offer the most modern, frictionless checkout that builds on NCR’s investments into understanding consumer behaviors, UX design and computer vision technology



In global self-checkout (SCO) technology shipments, 18th straight year

Globally available in 44 countries, 40 languages


For NCR SelfServTM 90 and NCR Fastlane SelfServTM Checkout


NCR FastLane™ Family

Finding ways to transform the in-store customer experience while controlling operational costs is critical to your business success. NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout Software enhances the customer shopping experience while helping improve front-end efficiency, increase associate productivity and reduce shrink.

NCR FastLane R6C

NCR FastLane SelfServ R6C is the gold standard in self-checkout solutions, with configurations designed to fit into a convenience store service counter. With an easy-to-follow user experience and advanced cash and coin management capabilities, it allows you to serve all of your customers, even the unbanked. You can reduce checkout lines and free up store staff for higher value activities.

NCR FastLane SelfServ Kiosk - SS90

The small footprint of the NCR FastLane SelfServ Kiosk (SS90) offers you the flexibility to install it just about anywhere—from a floorstanding pedestal, to a countertop, or even a wall mount. The design is ideal for high volume stores with a high payment card usage. Its integrated design offers a projected capacitive zero- bezel display, an EMV-compliant chip and PIN reader with contactless card capability, a 2D imaging scanner, and an integrated receipt printer and coupon bin. Customers can easily ’grab and go’ to make shopping even more convenient, especially during peak hours.

NCR FastLane Mobile Shopper

With NCR FastLane Mobile Shopper, your customers are in control of their experience. Using their own mobile phones, shoppers can scan and bag items as they move through your aisles, accessing their shopping lists, product location,and real-time offers as they go. Shoppers then pay for their trip on their phone or at regular checkout. NCR FastLane Mobile Shopper pairs with your existing POS and self-checkout systems to provide a frictionless and convenient self-service experience.