Incredibly fast checkout, connected customer experiences and everything from fuel to foodservice integrated into one powerful POS platform.

Ready to rev up your revenue and win the race for repeat business? With NCR VOYIX RPOS, you’ll speed your customers through the best checkout experience possible while connecting every profit center in one platform. Now transactions are faster, upselling is easier and operations are a breeze. Payments compliance? Built right in. It’s how we redefine convenience…for your customers—and you.


NCR VOYIX RPOS fits right in with your growth plans

Our ecosystems bring together the best-in-class hardware, software and services you need to deliver on what customers want, when they want it.

Speed transactions inside the store and at the pump

with our intuitive touch screen interface, integrated scanning, fuel control and secure, compliant payment processing

Give your customers multiple ways to check out

Offer choice in checking out, from traditional POS, self-checkout and line-busting tablets to virtual POS and mobile checkout

Serve digital customers

Engage your customers anywhere by easily integrating mobile and online shopping with your POS and loyalty applications

Manage all your profit centers in one place

Including fuel, foodservice, merchandise, car wash, lottery, Juul, money orders and more.

Differentiate with foodservice

Ensure accurate, speedy food orders with our integrated customer self service kiosks, kitchen production system, digital signage solutions, mobile ordering and home delivery.

Make your c-store run smarter

Know everything that is going on in your store  with mobile-based dashboard that helps you make quick decisions to ensure that your customers have the best experience.

Always-on architecture

Your store stays up and running with our advanced, fault tolerant platform that helps you continue serving customers even if a component is down, never missing any revenue.

Get all the POS must-haves to run your convenience store.

Configure global settings for POS site environments including POS menu defaults, pump prompts, tax strategies, receipt layout and functional behavior. Authorized users have complete control over configurations across the chain. This guarantees site level consistency while providing the ability to make chain wide configuration changes rapidly.

Provides site managers the ability to manage their local business including setting up and managing employees, promotions, fuel pricing and more. They also have access to site level transaction reports. Site Manager integrates with a variety of back offices using Connexus interfaces and allows for analysis of key operational data from the POS system. 

Get real-time KPI dashboard at the site level, on your mobile for in-store and forecourt transactions. It also alerts store managers/owners to any unusual site behavior.

This is an integration infrastructure that allows RPOS to talk to third-party solutions seamlessly so that store managers have the ability to reconcile sales across solution platforms.




Till and shift management operations are easy and flexible with clear tools for cashflow security, including user roles, security and permissions coupled with the essential security audit and reporting to ensure accurate store/manager/cashier accountability.

Flexible options for managing the sale of age restricted items are built in, including customer driver’s license scan/swipe, manual birth date entry and the ability to speed operations by selecting “Over Approved Age.” Each age verification method updates the cashier operations report and passes the information to the sittee manager or compatible Conexxus enabled back office systems.

Rugged, stylish c-store terminals


The XR7 features a stylish all-in-one design, best-in-class performance, exceptional versatility, plus the ruggedness and data security you need for mission-critical store environments. It offers the sophisticated elegance of consumer grade technology, but with the robustness and reliability of industrial grade quality – giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Available with either a 15”, 18.5”, or a 21.5” touch display

  • Rugged die-cast aluminum chassis

  • Long life LED display

  • Projected capacitive touchscreen

  • Enterprise class solid state drive

NCR VOYIX P1535 terminals utilize the next generation Intel Celeron Processor N3160 (Quad Core, 2.24 GHz) that offers superior performance with low total cost of ownership. The fanless design runs cool and quiet, reducing the amount of heat generated and power consumed. With its sleek and smooth flat glass front, the modern design the P1535 features a lower profile and multi touch display.

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