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Powerful POS solutions that help you grow your c-store business with connected experiences

Your customers want fast, easy experiences
that give them options to engage anytime, anywhere.


So, if you’re a gas-and-sip retailer, how do you appeal to today’s buyer? And how do you do it while keeping labor costs and overhead low? By choosing the right tech for your business—tech that automates your store processes, connects your touch points and meets your customers in any (and every) moment.

  • Make transactions fast and easy for your customers with our intuitive touch screen interface, graphical order confirmation display, integrated credit processing, fuel control and scanning capabilities
  • Always be on and available with our advanced, fault-tolerant platform that helps you continue serving customers even if a component is down
  • Give your customers choice in checking out, from traditional POS, self-checkout and line-busting tablets to virtual POS and mobile checkout
  • Engage your customers anywhere by easily integrating mobile and online shopping with the core POS system and loyalty applications

NCR RPOS is the industry-leading convenience POS in North America that helps retailers deliver the best in-store checkout experience possible. With a user-friendly touchscreen and integrated scanning and secure payment processing, retailers can dramatically reduce transaction times to get customers through the checkout and out the door quickly. RPOS provides unmatched uptime and can manage all store profit centers including fuel, foodservice, car wash, lottery, money orders, and more.

NCR StorePoint POS runs the whole store, from POS to the pump, with advanced functionality to support commercial fuel sales. Back office and branded foodservice operations are built right in. And with an open architecture and cloud-enabled integrations, you have the flexibility to create modern customer experiences that build your brand.




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