How to get more from your EMV investment

You need a solution that safeguards your brand, shields you from risk AND delivers fast ROI. But first, assess your path to compliance—and what could throw you off-track.

Don’t just make the switch to EMV. Make it profitable, too.
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Turn your one-time EMV cost into faster ROI with NCR OPTIC

Card skimming costs card issuers an estimated $400 million per year,* and that financial liability shifts to you—putting you at risk of paying $31,000+ per store.

You already have to make the EMV investment. But now, you can make it a profitable one. With NCR OPTIC, you’ll safeguard your brand, shield your stores from financial risk—and drive in-store sales, a differentiated brand experience and deeper loyalty. All with your pumps. In fact, it delivers a faster ROI than any other solution available today.

  • NCR OPTIC is EMV-ready – Protect your business from costly fraud ahead of the liability shift.
  • You’ll be equipped with the latest in payment security – with end-to-end encryption that protects your customers and maintains trust in your brand
  • Stop attempted fraud in real time, right at the source – Real-time remote tamper alerts and a pump locking feature for suspected tampering gives you peace of mind that your forecourt is protected.
  • Go above and beyond EMV – A multi-media platform with 100% content control makes it simple to promote loyalty offers, in-store foodservice and higher-margin sales with every moment.
  • The EMV investment with a faster ROI – Put your business on track to earn a faster ROI with the weight of fraud liability off your shoulders.

What’s your real EMV risk? Download the eBook to calculate it and explore your options right now.