Give your fuel customers a reason to go inside.

Supercharge your convenience store.

Propel customers past the pump and into your c-store to spend more. Fight fraud and achieve EMV compliance, too. That’s NCR OPTIC.

Fight fraud and boost your business beyond the forecourt with NCR OPTIC.
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Make your fuel forecourt work harder for you.

With OPTIC, you gain EMV-ready outdoor payment terminals with built-in forecourt advertising. You control all the content, and you can use it to promote personalized loyalty offers, drive in-store traffic with foodservice and other promotions, and differentiate your brand—right at the pump. All while achieving a faster ROI than any other solution.

  • Give fuel-only customers a reason to come inside with an interactive video solution that encourages higher margin purchases by promoting in-store deals and specials at the pump, as well as food-ordering capabilities that drive fuel-only customers into the c-store. 
  • NCR OPTIC is EMV-ready and helps you protect your business from liability for costly fraud ahead of the April 2021 liability shift while putting your business on track to earn a faster ROI.
  • Equipped with the latest tools to protect your customers and your business offering end-to-end encryption to protect your customers’ cardholder data as well as real-time remote tamper alerts and a pump locking feature – so you can rest easier knowing your forecourt is protected.
  • Deliver engaging, customized content at the pump by leveraging 3rd party ads and videos with 100% content control, so you can build your brand every moment.
  • Innovate faster and easier with an open, agile platform that integrates with mobile payment applications and expands at-the-pump services to build up-sell opportunities and loyalty.

Turn your one-time EMV compliance cost into a lifetime of ROI with OPTIC. Learn how.