Fight fraud and unlock the full potential of your forecourt

An EMV-ready outdoor payment terminal that drives in-store sales at the pump.


  • EMV and contactless EMV-compliant solution
  • A complete solution with hardware, software, services and open platform
  • A deep catalog of retail APIs, including foodservice ordering, loyalty and more
  • Cloud-based terminal and media management
  • Real time remote tamper alerting and reporting
  • Supports the latest in payment security, including E2EE data encryption
  • Available in two sizes to fit major pump brands – a 12” version and a 5” version
  • duraTOUCH® touchscreen with vivid, full color VGA display (640x480)
  • Retrofit kits for major pump brands so you only replace the pump head
  • Accepts credit, debit, loyalty and fleet cards along with mobile and contactless payments
  • Weatherproof and waterproof even in extreme conditions

How NCR OPTIC works for you

Drive faster ROI

by driving foodservice and store sales right at the pump

Install faster

Globally available in 44 countries, 40 languages

Add new shopping options

for customers, such as curbside order delivery

Take full control

of all your content—and your EMV compliance

Fight fraud and see more ROI from your EMV investment

Fuel pumps are easy targets for skimmers. OPTIC helps protect your customers and your business from fraud at the pump, reducing the risk of chargebacks and potential liability fees set to begin April 2021 when the new EMV deadline goes into effect.

Pump up c-store profitability with our forecourt engagement solutions

When your customers fill up, do they also buy higher-margin in-store items or do they gas and go? Are they engaged while they wait for their tanks to fill? With NCR OPTIC, you can finally say “yes!” We help you create a personalized and differentiated fueling experience that helps drive sales and loyalty. Plus, with an open ecosystem and software development kit (SDK), the options of what you can offer at the pump are limitless.

Redefine the forecourt without breaking concrete

NCR OPTIC comes with retrofit kits for major pump models so you can keep your existing dispensers and still become EMV-compliant. Plus, our hardware and all components are sealed and secured, making rollout faster and maintenance easier. With training, your own staff can even complete your own OPTIC installations.

Control all of your content for maximum impact

Unlike other providers, we give you complete content control on all your OPTIC terminals, all the time.  Whether you want to offer grab-and-go food ordering, loyalty membership, gaming options or more, you never have to deliver syndicated content that’s meaningless to your brand. 

Want to take it up a notch? Through our partnership with NewsBreak Media, you can deliver optimized and localized content across your retail estate, using predicative analytics around buying behavior and influences to deliver the biggest impact to your bottom line.

Future-proof your forecourt for whatever’s next

The OPTIC cloud lets you easily maintain your investment and provides an open platform that helps you grow as shopping behaviors and market trends evolve. Your IT staff gets a centralized view of performance and can push out software patches, security updates, new media and even run diagnostic reports for all terminals across the estate. And the open architecture connects with any number of third-party services and apps, so you can easily add new capabilities at any time.

Give customers options to shop while limiting touch

In today’s climate, customers are looking for ways to get their shopping done while maintaining social distancing and limiting direct contact. The duraTOUCH® screens allow customers to order in-store items for curbside delivery so they never need to enter the store, and even works when users wear gloves. OPTIC also supports mobile apps where customers use them to unlock fuel pumps and pay for gas without ever touching the screen.



OPTIC terminals used across 3,500 sites


c-store POS provider worldwide

17 of the top 20

fuel retailers use NCR tech

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Pump up c-store revenues with forecourt engagement solutions.

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