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Engage your customers with personalization


Customers come and go—but they’re more likely to pause when they see their name on a receipt or an offer for their favorite coffee at the pump. That’s because nothing engages people like personalization. So, forget generic promotions. Whether you’re offering fuel rewards for store purchases, discounts on car washes or whatever else you can think of, NCR helps you deliver personalized promotions at the right time to boost loyalty, sales and your customer experience.


  • Make marketing much easier with a solution that lets you easily deploy promotions and offers across your enterprise
  • Reward your customers and encourage them to shop more frequently with customizable loyalty programs
  • Engage your customers at the pump with personalized promotions that drive them inside to buy higher margin purchases
  • Optimize your existing POS with seamless loyalty program integration
  • Turn your fuel and convenience customers into fans and compete

More than 4 billion concurrent offers are processed through NCR Loyalty solutions every week.

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Get all the customer engagement must-haves to grow your brand

NCR AMS makes it easy to create customized promotions and offers that help turn your fuel and convenience customers into fans. With tools to create, deploy and manage promotions across your enterprise, it takes the headache out of the process and gives your IT department a break. Plus, it easily integrates with our c-store POS systems NCR RPOS and NCR Storepoint.

With Loyalty Pro, you can easily design, target, execute and track how your marketing and promotional campaigns are doing. Want to encourage cross-sales? Reward customers with fuel points for in-store purchases? Need to drive sales across a range of channels? No problem: you can use POS receipts, online stores, email and social networks. NCR Loyalty Pro is integrated with our c-store POS Storepoint.

Forget watching fuel customers just drive off after filling up. With personalized offers right at the pump, you can create compelling reasons for your gas-and-go customers to come into the store to buy more. From time-sensitive coupons to loyalty rewards and more, you can easily extend your loyalty program beyond the four walls of your store to deliver consistent customer experiences.

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