NCR VOYIX’s food service offering allows the customer to customize their food order in ways no one could imagine. In order to ensure order accuracy and speed of service, NCR’s Kitchen Production System keeps the customer’s order on track no matter the size of your store. KPS supports multiple food prep stations and alerts your employees when an order has been in the que for too long. In and out is the convenience store way… Compete with fast food chains around the world with a food service offering that is guaranteed to make your customers come back!

Key Features:

  • Condiment Sorting (display/print based on your production line layout)
  • Configurable bump bar layout
  • Configurable display settings (# trans, shape, etc..)
  • Display on-the-fly (or after order completed)
  • Display transaction state - tendered, stored, etc. (requires Radiant POS)
  • Expeditor Station
  • First transaction alarm ('wake up' alarm)
  • Load Balancing (two stations with same route share orders)
  • Multiple routings per station for Normal, Busy, Slow, and other times
  • Print receipts, receipts on label
  • Recall previously cleared order
  • Receipt barcode for recall at Point of Sale
  • Remote printers
  • Routings for kitchen production
  • Station closed (items route to other stations)
  • Thermal and impact printer support (for quick printing vs. hot areas)
  • Timer with Caution and Warning status (colored headings)

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