Built on decades of experience with food service applications, NCR VOYIX offers self service kiosk solutions to make your food service category a success. As the first to bring touchscreen food ordering kiosks to the convenience store industry, NCR leads the way with the most comprehensive, feature-rich food service solution. Whether you are a single site operator looking to enter the foodservice business or a large, complex operator with multiple order entry points and food prep stations, the NCR customer self service solution is able to easily meet your needs.


Increase sales - NCR Radiant Customer Self-Service drive revenue and profitability with automated suggested selling options on every order.


Promote new items through flash and static graphics - Our kiosks leverage motion and static graphics to help entice and educate customers to your newest food offerings and drive customers to the highest-margin selections.


Improve speed-of-service - Our intuitive and highly graphical screens are easy-to-use and help reduce the number of walk-aways during peak traffic times. Also, our kiosks integrate with kitchen production systems, speeding up order fulfillment and accuracy.


Remote configuration and management - NCR’s configuration tool allows for easy, centralized control of all menus. Administrators can ‘walk-thru’ the menus as they are configured, testing on the configuration screen to reduce time and errors associated with lab or on-site testing.


Menu by time of day - NCR’s kiosks support time-of-day and day-of-week menus and advertisements.

Features & Benefits

  • Integration to other store systems such as POS recipe management, food costing and reporting systems to
    gain a more comprehensive view into performance and productivity

  • Captive marketing options that launch new products and highlight promotions and specials with the kiosks

  • Kitchen productivity to display customer order on video monitors and route different items to various
    preparation stations based on customer traffic and staffing levels

  • Comprehensive field services and support programs

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