Fastlane SelfServ™ Express Convertible

Your stores are unique, and your self-checkout solution should be too. You know that fast, easy, and convenient checkout is what your customers expect so we have taken our self-checkout one step further to give you the best of both worlds, the FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout Convertible.

It gives you all the features of self-checkout, but with an option to easily convert it to a cashier manned lane during peak periods in less than a minute.

If floor space is a challenge, we offer a smaller version, the Express Convertible. This is ideal for small store formats and gives you the same flexibility to convert from a self-checkout lane to a cashier manned lane.




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Product Summary





NCR FastLane SelfServTM Checkout is an efficient way to improve operations and enhance the shopping experience 


NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout allows customers to scan, bag and pay for items on their own, while an associate monitors from a station nearby to help ensure a positive experience. The new generation solution features a refined, stylized design with store and lane reconfiguration capability



Improve the shopping experience 


NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout speeds up the checkout process by making more checkouts available. Shorter lines, privacy, greater control and more choice make consumers happier and loyal to your brand. 



Maximize your resources 


NCR FastLane SelfServCheckout allows you to meet customers’ needs throughout the store by redeploying employees to other areas. Associates are freed up to answer in-aisle questions, maintain inventory and assist customers.



Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems 


TheNCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout open architecture integrates with existing POS applications and peripherals using a customized Transaction Broker software layer to create a “virtual cashier” for each self-checkout lane.



Ensure accuracy and protect against shrink 


A number of psychological and physical theft deterrents are included in the NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout, including an integrated security scale, a sophisticated self-learning and adjusting weight database, intervention lights and sounds, and attendant-monitoring tools.



Key features 


  • Flexible and customizableVandal-resistant glass
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Seamless POS integration
  • Extensive security
  • Full tender options



Technical specifications 



  • Support for DOS, Windows® and Linux® POS integration under Microsoft® Windows XP, POS Ready 2009, Windows 7 and POS Ready 7 environments
  • Broad range of supported POS systems
  • Toolkit for easy integration to other POS applications



  • 15” high-resolution color LCD touchscreen
  • Integrated hi-fi audio
  • Lead-through animation
  • Multi-path screen flow
  • Human factors-designed non-barcoded item look-up
  • “Follow me” lights provide visual cues



  • Common core module
  • Compact, lower profile design
  • Consistent user experience
  • Co-located cash inputs/outputs
  • Multiple unload and bagging modules accommodate any retail environment
  • Input belt or shelf
  • 1+, 2+ or 3+ bagging platforms
  • Takeaway belt
  • Optional set-aside shelf
  • In-lane upgradeability
  • Swappable lane orientation
  • Unload and Bagging module
  • Color branding
  • Multiple language support
  • 78OFX Bi-optic scanner with LED Scan Advisor
  • Integrated scale for produce
  • Integrated EAS tag deactivation
  • Wired or wireless handheld scanner



  • Security scale for weight verification
  • Item integrity via self-learning and self adjusting weight database
  • Reversing takeaway belt
  • Electronic Article Surveillance integration available for Sensormatic and Checkpoint devices
  • Audio and visual prompts alert shopper and attendant of error • Store intervention light above lane displays lane status



  • Recycling coin acceptor/dispenser
  • Note handling via either note acceptor and dispenser or optional note recycler
  • Compatible with most industry-standard payment devices, including contactless
  • Signature capture device
  • Document sensored coupon collection bin 



  • Two-sided thermal (2ST) receipt printer
  • Accommodates green bags
  • Energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs



  • Desktop and/or mobile handheld device shows interventions and transaction details for up to 10 lanes
  • Ability to enter and modify items as on traditional register 



  • Technical support 365 days a year, 24/7
  • Help Desk with Remote Monitoring/ diagnostics and support available
  • Project Management, Deployment, Business Consulting and Installation Services available