Mobile Payments: ConvenienceGo

NCR VOYIX ConvenienceGo (CGo) combines convenience, payment flexibility, and personalization in a game-changing mobile payment solution for petroleum and convenience retailers. Time-starved consumers expect fast service and greater control over their transactions.

CGo provides customers with powerful transactional capabilities such as: pump activation, saved payment preferences, e-receipts, and even shopping capabilities. Retailers also see benefits through driving customer loyalty, leveraging upsell and marketing opportunities, and implementing low cost payment alternatives.




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Product Summary



NCR VOYIX ConvenienceGo - Put the power to order right in the palm of their hand



Want to provide mobile payment flexibility for your customers? - ConvenienceGo (C-Go) combines convenience, payment flexibility and personalization in a game-changing mobile payment solution for the petroleum and convenience industry.



C-Go convenience


Time-starved consumers expect fast service and greater control over their transactions. C-Go provides customers with powerful transactional capabilities such as:

  • Pump activation
  • Saved customer preferences (payments, items, etc.)
  • Shopping and “add to cart” functionality
  • E-receipts



C-Go payment flexibility


Customers not only want speedy service, they want to use the payment method they prefer. C-Go provides robust mobile payment options to meet the needs of today’s consumers:

  • Low cost payment alternatives with traditional options (ACH vs. credit)
  • Mobile wallets
  • Fast, secure transactions



C-Go personalization


C-Go provides customized order functionality and saves customer preferences and order history. This information can be used by the retailer to send targeted ads, promotions or messages.

  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Leverage upsell opportunities
  • Manage vendor partnerships
  • Customer purchase preferences and habits are remembered


Key features


  • Provide customer convenience through secure, mobile payments
  • Reduce transaction fees by utilizing mobile wallets
  • Improve loyalty through personalization and one-to-one customer messaging
  • Increase speed of service for customers