Radiant Site Manager (RSM)

NCR VOYIX’s Radiant Site Manager (RSM) is an application that includes more than 60 real-time reports and reconciliation applets such as the Price Override Report, Fuel Price Change Report, Void Report, Drive Off Report and others that show common fraudulent activities. This software increases store system availability and streamlines the support process.


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NCR VOYIX POWER HQ - Retail and Distribution Industries  



A retail chain’s headquarters can serve as a centralized location for many key elements of the business, from human resource policies to payroll processing and more. But shouldn’t headquarters also hold the keys to greater profitability?



It can, with NCR Power HQ. This powerful technology solution consolidates a retailer’s most challenging decisions into a single interface, giving managers at headquarters the information they need to make profitable choices.


After all, single stores or zones have limited data available when making decisions about pricing, vendors, items and inventory. By consolidating the entire chain’s information into a single, centralized repository, NCR Power HQ improves everything from pricing accuracy and margin control to product assortments, inventory control and labor costs. The result? Increased margins across each store, each zone, and the entire chain.



Take control of your critical data. And margins.


Can centralizing decisions with NCR Power HQ really change a business for the better? For the answer, look no further than the solution’s pricing capabilities. NCR Power HQ offers rules-based pricing that allows headquarters staff to establish and manage rules that can automatically generate prices by chain, price zone or store. Margins increase, and overpricing becomes a thing of the past. The result is the right price at the right place at the right time—every time.


But that’s not all. NCR Power HQ also assists with the entire item management process. Catalog and item information need only be entered once, saving substantial data entry time. Items can also be analyzed and ordered centrally, reducing inventory and simplifying vendor relationships.


What’s more, NCR Power HQ even improves communications between headquarters and individual stores. The system accurately extracts data for each individual store, delivering proper POS, scale, sign and label information as needed. 


Efficiencies —and profits—increase automatically. 


  • Offers complete item and vendor control through a central data repository
  • Improves efficiency by automating business practices and system functionality
  • Reduces labor costs by driving productivity
  • Turns short-term business changes into marketing opportunities
  • Increases margins by generating optimum prices by chain, price zone or store
  • Ensures competitiveness by reducing overpricing
  • Automates business practices and system functionality



Key features 


  • Central management of POS systems by chain, zone or store
  • One-time entry of item catalog and updates
  • Complete control of item attributes including tax, food stamps, WIC flags, WIC
  • Rules-based pricing so headquarters staff can avoid margin erosion
  • Delivery of prop
  • Ability to support customer loyalty programs with various consumer offers
  • Vendor funding and bill-back management
  • Vendor access for better collaboration and communication
  • Optional Category Manager, Billback Manager and Vendor Portal modules