Petroleum & Convenience


Gas Station & Convenience Store POS Systems, Inventory Management

and Customer Engagement Solutions

Pull up. Park. Grab what you need. Go.


That’s what everyone expects when visiting the convenience store inside a gas station: fast, easy and reliable. Speed are convenience are just as important to your customers as it is to your business. Happier customers, greater profits. A simple equation—but’s it’s not always easy to get right. With NCR hardware and software solutions, you can:


  • Keep the experience with your brand simple, convenient, and engaging for customers at the pump and in your store
  • Handle dramatic increases in customer activity like it happens every day, keeping up with the most demanding of environments
  • Offer mobile payment options, so busy customers they can hurry on with their day


Today, 22 of the top 30 convenience retailers in North America depend on NCR and our technologies run the world’s largest convenience store. Yes, we want to be known as the best. But no matter what we achieve, our focus and measure of success always remains on your business.


Boost Your Business Beyond the Pump

NCR OPTIC enables next-gen engagement with your customers

  • Consumer Engagement at the Pump
  • Food Service and Point of Sale
  • Consumer Engagement at the Pump

    All-in-1 Customer Experience Transformer

    NCR OPTIC 5 stands apart from the rest, providing an amazing array of features at a remarkable price. Transforming the customer experience at the pump, the OPT supports a wide range of EMV ready payment options including debit, credit, contactless, loyalty, vouchers and coupons.

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  • Food Service and Point of Sale

    Want to provide mobile payment flexibility for your customers? - ConvenienceGo (C-Go) combines convenience, payment flexibility and personalization in a game-changing mobile payment solution for the petroleum and convenience industry.

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