When you’re backed by NCR, it’s simple to adapt to new ways of shopping.

From ecommerce to inventory, mobile shopping and contactless checkout, NCR has your back, so you can focus on customer experiences out front. Simple, made possible.

When your business is backed by NCR

You can stay out front during challenging times that call for swift readjustments—literally out front with your customers delivering the best experiences, and figuratively out front of your competition—giving them a run for their money. That’s because we’re the powerful force behind enterprises and Mom-and-Pop shops alike, offering equally powerful capabilities to help you meet modern day challenges. Let’s make change simple.

Inside this e-book

  • Why brick-and-mortar is here to stay
  • How self-checkout and scanners are the new normal
  • The consumer habits that are bound to always evolve
  • The simple principles behind adapting a retail operation

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You and other retailers have to move faster than ever

Going contactless
. From accepting payment options that require no contact with your staff (mobile pay, tap and pay and contactless cards) to reconfiguring your store, providing your customers with excellent service is now also about safety.

Getting the word out. It’s critical for you to communicate with your customers to let them know that you’re open, if your hours have changed and about the safety procedures you’ve put in place. So, making constant changes to your website and social media platforms and putting marketing plans into place is taking up time and resources.

Meeting revenue challenges. There is a decent chance you lost revenue this year. To help make up for it you need to make sure your online ordering is on point while finding ways to get your brand out in front.

3 ways being backed by NCR can help your store get ahead.

1. Gain flexible API-first technology. 
You’ll have the latest, most robust and flexible API-first technology from the #1 POS provider and #1 self-checkout provider for retailers worldwide—so you can be confident you’re offering your customers the best experience.

2. Have constant connection to evolving innovation.
NCR leads with research, so you can adapt to market changes. We’re constantly researching, exploring and innovating the customer experience. And we offer you the benefit of that continuous innovation, so you don’t have to figure it out alone.

3. Save time with only one hand to shake.
We run your store operations end to end. From POS to payments to back office, loyalty and beyond, we connect, simplify and run your entire retail operation so you can focus on what matters to your business.

Simple, made possible

See what it’s like to be backed by NCR. Start with money-saving insights that we’ve pulled together for you in our newest ebook.