Takeout & Delivery

Life gets hectic sometimes. It’s important to offer convenient ways for your customers to enjoy your food – whether they are in your restaurant or not. Extend your business outside your walls by introducing flexible takeout and delivery options for your guests with NCR’s off-premise technology solution. You can open a new source of revenue for your business, increase your speed of service and order accuracy, and offer an easy way for your customers to get the food they love.

The NCR Aloha Takeout solution has what it takes to help you improve your speed of service, manage future sales and optimize delivery. Aloha Takeout tightly synchronizes fast-paced restaurant takeout and delivery operations from order entry to driver route planning, making the most of every minute. Adding delivery functionality to your solution is also another way to increase your revenue and provide a special service for your customers.


Customers expect flexible dining options - with Aloha Takeout, you can give it to them. Replace manual processes with automated scheduling, tracking and production of future orders. Aloha Takeout makes it easy to manage future orders and ensure deposit accountability, increasing customer trust – and driving repeat business.


  • Create new sources of revenue

  • Improve production of future orders

  • Optimize route planning

Order Accuracy Order Accuracy Order Accuracy

Delight Your Customers


Consistent customer lookup and the ability to quickly import customer data helps you personalize the experience.

investment investment investment

Know Your Customer


A wide range of available data fields including payment, loyalty and credit card equate to ease of use for customers.

Making confusion simple Making confusion simple Making confusion simple

Make the Confusing Simple


Future, repeat and online order management and intuitive ordering process.

Features & Benefits

  • Associate loyalty and payment information with checks so your customers earn rewards no matter how they order
  • Identify your customers and enter orders as fast as possible with our powerful integrated solution stack
  • Protect future orders from getting lost with automated kitchen scheduling
  • Enable your customers to place orders online and automatically route them to the prep area of the local restaurant when it’s time to start cooking
  • Deliver food fast with integrated mapping tools that generate accurate, multi-stop routes in a second
  • Remove the guess work by providing turn-by-turn directions and grocery items for each delivery run
  • Improve driver performance by assigning orders to them with one touch of a button
  • Manage the delivery areas of each restaurant to avoid overextension
  • Create new sources of revenue by extending the walls of your business without limitations
  • Collect more information about our customers to help you target specials and promotions
  • Improve kitchen efficiency by properly staging orders coming from inside and outside the restaurant
  • Build customer loyalty - ensure your customers’ food arrives hot and fresh by getting it to them as fast as possible
  • Ensure that your drivers are productive and efficient