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IT downtime can cost your business more than lost revenue. An important component of any technology solution is the ability for your IT teams to remotely monitor and access your systems.  Our remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities provide strong control over IT operations.  We provide the ability to remotely service and manage IT assets efficiently while maintaining security. 

Our applications give you unprecedented control over your IT operations by providing real-time visibility into your software and hardware. Troubleshoot and resolve issues rapidly before they impact your operations and configure your system for optimal use.


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System Management System Management System Management
  • Distribute database changes, scheduled for a future date, to your stores
  • Manage database records at the store level, as well as at corporate, concept and franchisee levels
  • Ability to update your database on demand in real-time to make immediate menu and item changes
  • Robust data management solution, using features, such as record versioning, store group hierarchies, record ownership and data distribution
  • POS data change distribution reporting by store
  • Backup and disaster recovery support
  • Increase your efficiency and devote less overall to administrative resources and people required to manage your data
  • Ensure you are capturing correct menu item prices, tax rates and employee wage rates at all locations
  • Protect your operations to ensure you maintain the highest level of business continuity
  • Improve menu and menu-pricing accuracy
  • Implement promotions and pricing strategies effectively