Transforming Retail Operations and Management


Transforming Retail Operations and Management

Streamlined restaurant operations help businesses achieve higher margins and improved customer satisfaction.


The day-to-day operations of a restaurant involves many things – reporting, labor management, scheduling, inventory, and kitchen optimization – all of which are crucial to a restaurant’s success. Managers are constantly looking for greater visibility into operations to ensure they’re making the right decisions and sustaining or growing profits, but it can be frustrating when information is scattered across disparate systems and reporting tools.


We understand that customer satisfaction is key to running a successful restaurant, and our integrated systems enable the entire staff to offer the best possible service. NCR’s Restaurant Operations Transformation solution offers integrated, end-to-end products that help restaurants easily and efficiently manage their operations, kitchens, and staff. This means more accurate orders, minimized wait times and food waste, and optimized staffing, so that you can make customer service a priority.


Reduce the amount of time spent on managing tools and operations and increase your profitability and efficiency. Our globally-recognized solutions integrate with your back-of-house kitchen systems, so restaurants can reliably offer excellent service day after day.


We take care of the most time-consuming tasks in your day, so you can focus on enhancing your relationship with customers and offering a great dining experience.



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