Restaurant POS Systems


Whether you manage a food truck or global restaurant brand, we’ve got flexible, scalable POS solutions

to help you get control of your operations, drive more value from every interaction and serve the

experience your customers want—when and how they want—all in one platform.




We’re the #1 global hospitality POS software provider and the company behind the Aloha POS that has become the industry standard, used by 80,000+ restaurants around the world. More servers and cashiers are trained on Aloha than any other platform.



This is our cloud-based point-of-sale platform designed for restaurants with low to medium complexity of operations. And it doesn’t take a percentage of your transactions.

Experience is everything. Together, we can help you deliver the best.


Restaurant operations are complicated. And getting the customer experience right can be tricky. You need solutions that streamline your business so you can deliver flawless service. With NCR, you can do that and so much more. 64 of the top 100 restaurant brands rely on NCR restaurant solutions to optimize on- and off-premise sales and operations, control labor and inventory costs, streamline system administration and adapt to fast-growing trends.



Only fast-breaking technology can keep pace with fast-changing tastes. Stay ahead with NCR Restaurant POS differentiators.

Transaction processing

Unlike other POS providers, we don’t lock you into one payment processor. Work with the one you prefer. Get transaction support on payments from credit cards, debit cards, web, gift cards, and loyalty programs.

Productivity on- and off- site

Let your customers order ahead from kiosks, mobile apps and third-party apps without disruption—orders follow the same kitchen routing as those from your POS. Increase order accuracy. Enhance the customer experience. Drive additional revenue.

Options for all your customers

Easily modify orders, clearly highlighting changes when the order gets to the kitchen. Split checks just as easily and accept the latest in payment technologies. Quickly turn tables. Delight your guests with personal service.  Reduce training time.

Centrally managed menus across customer touchpoints

This includes apps, online ordering and third-party delivery services, so adding, editing or 86ing an item on your POS changes it everywhere at once. Centrally manage all menu boards, allowing for greater control and timely updates of prices, specials, and new items. 

World class partnership ecosystems working for you

We know we can’t be all things to all people. That’s why we work with over 100 partners whose products are just as seamlessly integrated as our own.

Choice of hardware that makes sense for your business

Our restaurant POS software can run on counter-top POS terminals, handheld devices, Android and iOS devices using the same order flow. We’ll take care of your maintenance, too. Our terminals and servers are designed to thrive in harsh, high-transaction environments.



Grow your restaurant brand like never before with our advanced POS capabilities. 

Consumer Engagement

Engage your guests via loyalty, stored value and customer feedback.


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Restaurant Management

Control costs with advanced inventory and labor management.


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EVP Payment Acceptance

Reduce fraud-related liability and comply with PCI requirements.


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Digital Menuboards

Centrally manage signage for greater control of updates of prices, specials, nutritional information and more.


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Self-Service Kiosks

Reduce labor costs and improve speed of service.


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Kitchen Operations

Manage kitchen production, recipes, workflows, timing and coursing.


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“NCR knows the restaurant business inside and out and continuously aims to help restaurant operations run smoothly and efficiently.”


– Cherita Adams, Owner of Blue Orleans in Tennessee


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