Building Customer Engagement with Omni-Channel Restaurant Commerce


Building Customer Engagement with Omni-Channel Restaurant Commerce

Provide a great, personalized dining experience for consumers from beginning to end.


Restaurants face daily margin pressures from many sources: growing food costs, a tight labor market, and a daunting number of competitors vying for the same market share. To stay profitable, restaurants and the hospitality industry at large aim to build revenue and streamline costs while differentiating themselves from their competitors.


We understand that the restaurant business isn’t just about great food and ambiance anymore, it’s about the consumer’s friction-free dining journey experience. Consumers have more choice than ever before and an experience that makes it easy for them to choose where to go.


NCR’s Omni-Channel Restaurant solution helps deliver excellent service, increase in-store sales and give consumers the flexibility they demand to keep them coming back. Patrons aren’t just looking for a place to eat, they want to engage with their favorite restaurants, whether they’re on-site, at home, or on the go.


Restaurants that engage their consumers across multiple channels—be it mobile ordering, self-checkout kiosks or loyalty programs—find they can expand beyond their store walls…they can become an integral part of their consumer’s life.


NCR is the world leader in consumer transaction technology with a legacy of cutting-edge innovation. We ensure that our solutions are easy to-use, seamless to integrate, and operate on a wide variety of new and compelling hardware. Our end-to-end solutions mean your restaurant can provide superior service to every customer, even before they enter your store. 









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NCR knows the restaurant business inside and out and continuously aims to help restaurant operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Cherita Adams, owner of Blue Orleans restaurant