Are you taking a 360° approach to network security?


In the face of growing cybersecurity threats coming from every angle, a multi-layered approach can help you defend against attacks and breaches. NCR supports your organization as you enhance your security posture while reducing time, costs, and resources. Take our quick survey for a look at areas across your enterprise that may pose security challenges, and get a free report on simple steps you can take to cover more angles. 

On average, 15 new software vulnerabilities surface every day that your IT teams may need to protect against which can consume excessive IT time and resources. What challenges are you experiencing in this area? Check all that apply.

80% of organizations are not fully compliant with PCI data security standards, which can result in stiff fines and penalties. Which requirements give you the biggest headache? Check all that apply.

A recent AT&T study showed a 3,198 percent increase in IoT vulnerability scans from 2013 to 2016. Which of these IoT-enabled capabilities have you/are you adding to your operations? Check all that apply.

Ransomware is one of the biggest cyberthreats of 2018, with damages predicted to exceed $8 billion by the end of the year how often do you believe businesses are impacted by this and other types of malware?

Free guest wi-fi is now standard for most restaurant brands. What abilities do you currently give your customers and guests on your Wi-Fi? Check all that apply.

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