NCR Sticky Media™

Improve customer interaction with NCR Sticky Media™. NCR Sticky Media consists of two products in one - receipt paper and a pressure-sensitive label. This provides a solution to efficiently label, identify and track goods all in one product - and all with no liner to peel. It allows users to run what looks like a traditional paper roll through an enhanced POS printer.


Quick-service restaurants are currently facing operational pressures due to growing menu choices, more custom orders and increased to-go traffic. Here are a few industry facts:


  • Up to 15% of orders have errors resulting in waste, increased costs, lost productivity and customer dissatisfaction
  • Specials and custom orders can be up to 50% of all orders
  • As many as 2/3 of orders at quick-service restaurants are drive-thru orders


In this evolving environment, NCR Sticky Media provides a solution to your changing needs.


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  • Receipt and adhesive label combined
  • No label liner to discard
  • Drop-in printer loading
  • Label core made from 100% recycled stock
  • Customizable to suit your operations
  • Food safe