Aloha Mobile POS

NCR Aloha Mobile POS creates efficiencies, boosts productivity and can help you reshape the customer experience. By putting a POS in the hands of servers and cashiers, employees spend more time on the floor in front of guests upselling menu items, delivering amazing service and more quickly reducing lines or turning tables at peak times.

Payment from any device
Go Mobile to Take Orders & Payment

Put the power of your restaurant point-of-sale software in the palm of your hand and leverage mobile technology to take orders and payment in your restaurant.

Drill-down into anything you want
Bust lines during peak traffic periods

During your busiest dayparts, use mobile devices to quickly take orders at quick service and fast casual restaurants.

Server Guest
Serve guests anywhere

Quickly and easily serve guests in low-lighting establishments like bars, nightclubs and dine-in theaters.

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Seamless extension of the Aloha POS
User interface is as intuitive as full Aloha POS, minimal training required
Orders placed on Aloha Mobile POS go straight into the kitchen
Automatically prompt servers to upsell based on what the customer is ordering
Choose from iOS, Android or purpose-built rugged handheld devices
Servers can focus more on customer needs
Ordering at tableside is faster, more accurate and more profitable
Speed and accuracy boosts customer satisfaction
Quickly bust lines in fast casual and quick service restaurants
Potentially reduce labor costs

Handheld technology more than doubles the amount of tables that our servers can handle, making their jobs easier and more efficient than ever before. The speed and reliability of NCR’s technology creates a unique and smooth customer experience allowing servers to be more attentive to each table.

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