Restaurant Software, Hardware, POS Maintenance Service | NCR

We maintain your restaurant’s software, hardware & POS systems so you don’t have to

We can repair, restore and actively maintain your technology—whether we supplied it or not.

Key Benefits of Restaurant Maintenance Services

The digital transformation of the restaurant industry is rapidly accelerating. As a restaurant operator, you need to add more technology to keep pace and reduce your total cost of ownership.

NCR can help you:
  • Save time with a single point of contact – Free up your resources with just one point of contact for all your maintenance needs, whether it’s our tech or not
  • Enhance your guest experience – Repair and restore your devices quickly while minimizing disruptions to your operations and maximizing technology uptime
  • Get flexible service level agreements and service options – Mix and match your services and service level agreements to customize a maintenance solution that meets the needs of your restaurant brand
  • Gain total account support  Leverage access to the right experts and processes for successful delivery of your maintenance services
“NCR’s commitment to going above and beyond to ensure our sites are up and running and facing minimal downtime is key to why we have appointed NCR as our leading services support provider. With NCR’s extensive team, we know that we’re working with a company that has the expertise and manpower to reach our restaurants and fix any problems fast.” 

Restaurant Maintenance Service Options

Depot services

Includes centralized management of repair and return of failed devices, enhanced services through next day replacement of devices and complete remanufactures of returned products.

  • Depot Standard Service is a cost effective option that offers repair and return of failed products and peripheral devices
  • Advanced Exchange Depot options offer storage of spare inventory by NCR, minimizing on-site disruption. With this service, NCR can replace the whole unit with a completely remanufactured and configured unit to drive first visit resolution and increased tech uptime
  • Service level agreements are flexible to meet your business needs

On-site maintenance

If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we deploy skilled technicians to your sites with the expertise and parts to fix the problem the first time.

  • Worldwide coverage – wherever you are, we can help
  • Certified technicians with restaurant industry expertise and the skills to use state-of-the-art communication devices that are supported by dedicated Level II technical staff
  • Extended coverage options that provide standard, on-site service coverage up to seven days a week, 24 hours a day

Preventative maintenance

As part of our evaluation and cleaning program, we inspect, clean, adjust and detect problematic hardware.

  • Regular inspection of your technology can improve restaurant uptime and reduce service calls
  • Save an expensive piece of equipment from malfunctioning or the need for a replacement after a given set of years and reduce your total cost of ownership
  • Use NCR to proactively maintain your technology to improve tech availability and improve your customer experience

Multi-vendor hardware maintenance support

Includes support and maintenance for non-NCR devices as part of our on-site or depot services, enabling you to drive efficiencies.

  • Support for points of services from original equipment manufacturers, including POS, peripherals, servers and store equipment like digital cameras, drive-thru timers and menu boards – and literally any IT in the restaurant
  • Proactive on-site account management with help desk and first call support
  • Detailed reporting, incident reduction and cleaning program to improve performance

Technology analysis and upgrade

Consultants evaluate and maintain your Aloha software solution, proactively implementing product improvements and keeping your software solution up-to-date.

  • Delivers an easier path to expand your product footprint, realizing new features and functionality
  • Enables you to integrate new products with your existing portfolio without undergoing a heavy upgrade
  • Helps maintain a secure environment by maintaining supported software versions

Software maintenance support

Preparing an accurate plan during the development cycle protects your software and technology solutions, improving efficiency and performance of your operations.

  • Remote technical support for problems with software provided by NCR
  • Maintenance and bug fixes to resolve problems with software provided by NCR
  • New patch and point release upgrades previously licensed by the customer

Why NCR Restaurant Maintenance Services?

180,000 sq.ft. of warehouse space with 130,000 units remanufactured annually

ISO 9001:2015 certified

Support for over 2.5 million points of service and 300+ vendors supported for non-NCR devices

20,000 service professionals in 160 countries servicing 20M+ devices

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