Loss Prevention

Understanding when there is possible theft or suspicious activity can save you money. It’s impossible to monitor every transaction yourself. Our audit and theft control systems are hands down second to none and help you put a stop to theft, which depletes profits and harms the customer experience.


NCR Restaurant Guard is a loss prevention and employee performance monitoring tool that provides real-time monitoring and alerting for suspicious events in the restaurant, detailed reporting and research tools to assist with investigations and a highly configurable real-time view of key performance metrics for employees and stores.


The software leverages the power of artificial intelligence and the POS transactional data to provide your executives and managers with the insights needed to identify and mitigate losses proactively, while strengthening internal controls. Tracking this type of activity can also help you rank your highest and lowest performing servers so you can motivate your staff to deliver quality service.


  • Real-time loss prevention

  • Improved workforce management

  • Stronger operational controls

  • Tools to deter theft

  • Intelligent recognition of new theft patterns

  • Increased profitability

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  • Track suspicious transactions and monitor for common scams
  • Weekly reports auto-generated and sent directly to your email or mobile app
  • Instant notifications of significant comps, voids and transfers sent to your mobile device
  • Recognizes commons scams, such as transfers, voids after check close and more
  • Artificial intelligence means that the system is always learning and tracking new scams
  • Improve your profitability through our system that helps you identify suspicious activity
  • Monitor employee activity and performance
  • Determine your highest and lowest performing employees and identify areas for training and data to use as training examples
  • Hire new employees with peace of mind, knowing that your business is protected from any misuse of your POS

Total revenue increases approximately 7% for the average location following the implementation of Restaurant Guard.


Product Summary


Real-time monitoring and alerts are the best defense


NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard helps restaurant owners and managers monitor and identify threats to their business. This powerful back-office and mobile solution provides managers with all the tools and insights they need to identify and mitigate losses proactively, while strengthening internal controls.


Real-time loss prevention - Monitor transactional patterns and statistical variances in real time to identify any fraudulent activity occurring at the terminal. Move swiftly to address potential theft, minimizing its impact.


Increased profitability - Protect your restaurant’s bottom line, freeing up capital for business growth and operational improvements.


Improved workforce management - Determine your highest and lowest performing servers and create a healthy workplace by motivating your top employees.


Stronger operational controls -Leverage NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard data to improve operational controls, empowering you with the knowledge to help prevent theft from reoccurring. Periodic updates reflect the latest theft patterns, protecting your restaurant against the latest scams.


A superior guest experience - Restaurant Guard allows you to spend more time with customers and less time worrying about potential threats to your business.


Employee performance - Allows you to determine what employee information is included and how it is displayed with the ability to group and filter the information by Day Part, Job Code, and Store Location.


Key features


  • Back-office hosted solution with a real time mobile component provides requent updates on the latest theft patterns and employee performance.
  • Recognizes common scams, such as transfers, voids after check close, comps after check close and comps after check prints.
  • Provides real-time transaction monitoring and historical trends for sophisticated fraud detection.
  • Set alerts to notify you instantly through your mobile device. Alerts can include refunds, post close comps, post close voids, transfers, and more.
  • Fully configurable employee ranking reports delivered instantly though Restaurant Guard Mobile.