Console Schedules


Manage your employee schedules, communication and reporting all

in one place with our easy to use, no-install, cloud-based application

designed specifically for independent and franchise operators.



NCR Console Schedules is a full end-to-end employee scheduling solution

It’s not always easy to attract and retain the best restaurant employees. It can feel even more difficult to keep track of their scheduling requests and last-minute shift swaps. On top of this, you have to keep your labor costs under control—something that requires exceptional visibility into your labor performance, sales and payroll. NCR Console Schedules can help you do all this and more


For operators and managers, it provides anytime, anywhere access to build and publish efficient schedules that are properly aligned to forecasted sales and employee availability. 


For employees, it provides self-service access to their schedules, time off requests and schedule swaps so they get the schedules they want. Your employees can also subscribe to text and email notifications to stay on top of their schedule changes and shift swap approvals. 


Finally, its direct integration with Aloha allows you to enforce your schedules and collect POS data for accurate reporting around sales and employees, for a fully integrated end-to-end shift management solution. 







Reduce paperwork and payroll errors


• Do away with manual paper schedules—saving time and reducing errors


• Allow your managers to build schedules quickly that are aligned to forecasted sales and local weather


• Incorporate easy-to-use payroll feeds directly from POS



Gain insight


• Produce reports that show actual labor spend compared with scheduled


• See instant visualization in measuring labor costs against sales



Improve labor regulation compliance


• Provide your employees with visibility into the daily/weekly schedule and adhere to local and state legislation

Reduce labor costs


• Prevent early clock-ins and late clock-outs


• See your forecasted labor % as you build the schedule


• Setup labor and sales targets, and watch your Console dashboard for real-time actual vs. target



Increase staff and guest satisfaction


• Happy employees are more productive, helping deliver outstanding guest experiences that keep your customers coming back


• Console Schedules improves employee satisfaction by enabling employee self-service to swap shifts and request time off


• Build efficient schedules based on operator targeted labor % vs. the schedule and weather and projected sales


• Publish schedules to employees via text, email and employee portal


• Post to Aloha POS for schedule enforcement to control early and late clock-ins

• Employee portal allows employees to message managers, make requests and swap shifts


• Schedule and swap requests flow to manager dashboard alerts that guide you through the approve/deny process


• Your restaurant’s employee data, such as pay rates, Aloha jobs, names and worked shift information flow seamlessly from the Aloha POS to Console Schedules. Nothing to remember and no dual entry