Handheld Devices

Whether you operate a restaurant, a café or a bar, all guests expect fast, friendly and reliable service. The prerequisite for customer satisfaction is, of course, a seamless ordering and billing process. NCR provides you with the equipment you need to meet these requirements. Our durable POS systems and handheld ordering devices, combined with a number of practical accessories, allow for a speedy and efficient workflow. This gives you the chance to focus on what is most important: Your guests.


Everything you need, in the palm of your hand.


Aloha mobile for handheld ordering devices aims to minimize the barrier between your waiting staff and your customers. The ordering process not only becomes more productive but also more personal. It allows waiters to spend more time serving customers, eliminate errors and print bills right at the table. The solution is ideal for taking tableside orders, as well as reducing lines at quick-service restaurants.

Aloha Mobile for handheld ordering devices places the perfect hospitality solution in the palm of your hand. Easy to use, reliable and customizable, it gives you everything you need in order to increase your revenue permanently. A great side effect of NCR’s seamless ordering solution is that you will not only have more satisfied guests and greater turnover, but also happier staff. This means a higher level of motivation and therefore less change in personnel and decreased labor expenses.


The NCR Dream Team: Aloha Mobile & NCR’s Orderman

Aloha Mobile and NCR’s Orderman work together seamlessly. They are two high-end products that make an ideal all-round reliable tool for restaurant and hospitality professionals. Orderman handheld devices are designed especially for use in the hospitality industry. Their extraordinary durability, user-friendliness, and long service life make them essential for providing a unique customer experience and creating an efficient workflow. Once you have tried out our perfectly synchronized dream team you will wonder how you ever managed without! There is a good reason why our Orderman 7 is the winner of the Good Design Award and the Red Dot Award


Our NCR Orderman mobile POS devices are built-for-purpose and perfect for tableside ordering or line busting. Using radio frequency, the NCR Orderman is designed to operate non-stop, is less prone to interference from outside sources and reduces the risk of dead spaces and lost data. It's the latest generation of the Orderman radio: uniquely secure and stable, developed with major enhancements.


The battery for the Orderman7 holds up to 18 hours of charge (3150 mAh). And the best part is: It can be quickly and easily replaced – for a newly recharged battery with the same power.


The NCR Orderman 7's easy-to-use graphical interface makes order entry, check splitting and card processing simple, while providing optional tools for order breakdowns and routing.


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  • High-quality materials and durable construction – extremely shock resistant and water-tight
  • Powerful replaceable battery (3150 mAh) for up to 18 hours of operating time
  • Programmable side buttons for frequently used functions
  • User-friendly touchscreen that can be operated by finger or using a touch pen
  • Smartly positioned notification LEDs, designed specifically for restaurants with vibration alarms and speakers
  • Optional features include table side ordering, menu management, automated promotions – and many more!
  • Twenty years of experience designing handheld devices for restaurants built into the product
  • Built using radio ordering increasing reliability and uptime
  • Increases table turnover and keeps servers on the floor serving guests, increasing tips, sales and customer satisfaction

The handheld technology more than doubles the amount of tables that our servers can handle, making their jobs easier and more efficient than ever before. The speed and reliability of NCR’s technology creates a unique and smooth customer experience allowing servers to be more attentive to each table.


Product Summary


NCR ORDERMAN 7 - For ordering efficiency in the hospitality industry. Faster. More reliable. More versatile.




  • Housing made of high-quality plastic with a metal frame (magnesium)
  • Highly durable cover glass to protect the display
  • Protection type: IP67 (dust-proof and water-tight for up to 30 minutes)
  • Impact resistant: several drops from height of 4 feet onto granite floor





  • 5-inch HD display with 24-bit color depth
  • Maximum brightness: 450 cd/m²
  • LED backlighting, manually and automatically adjustable
  • High-resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels





  • Operation with either finger or touch pen (NCR Capacitive Stylus)
  • Gesture-controlled with up to four fingers





  • On button and two capacitive buttons
  • Buttons positioned on side of unit for frequently used functions (configurable based on software)





  • Device status LED
  • Cleverly positioned notification LEDs (colors and functions are software-dependent)





Orderman Secure Radio:


  • SRD band 433 MHz 1 mW or SRD band 915 MHz 1 mW
  • Range of up to 160 feet indoors and up to 980 feet outdoors.
  • Area coverage inside buildings up to 25,590 ft²


For more wireless technologies, see Models with additional features





  • 5 MP with autofocus and flash
  • Flashlight function





  • Integrated speaker
  • Integrated vibration function (configurable based on software)





  • Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery with latch-lever function
  • 3.7V / 3150 mAh





  • Up to 18 hours per battery charge*




  • Battery in handheld approx. 3.5 hours
  • Additional battery in fast charging slot approx. 2 hours



* Depends on use and brightness settings

** At least one Service Station per installation required





  • Operating temperature Orderman7: +14 to +122°F
  • Storage temperature Orderman7: -4 to +140°F
  • Storage temperature battery: -4 to +113°F
  • Permissible ambient temperature for charging: 0 to +35°F




  • 1 year CareGold (all-inclusive warranty), covers wear and tear on parts





  • NCR Orderman7 handheld, 1 year of CareGold, 1 lithium-ion polymer battery (3.7 V / 3150 mAh)





  • NCR Capacitive Stylus, leather pouch for belt printer, safety cord, Service Station, Multi-unit Service Station, Bluetooth belt printer, replacement batteries







The new NCR Orderman7





This new champion device makes radio ordering faster, more reliable and easier than ever. Benefit from its technical features and the tireless spirit. With the extremely long operating time of up to 18 hours, the unit is setting new benchmarks, for instance, with its bright display, high-quality material, unrivaled strength and ease of use.


Twenty years of experience and a high level of expertise stand behind this device, specially designed to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry. The radio ordering functionality can help improve service, showing results of up to 25% more sales.


This makes this unbeatable hero a true asset for your restaurant, particularly in combination with the latest generation of the uniquely stable Orderman Secure Radio.










Orderman7 and Orderman7+



Orderman7 is the entry-level model, and the plus model has NFC and Bluetooth to connect to the belt printer.


Orderman7 MSR



This device features magnetic strip reader for customer loyalty programs.


Orderman7 SC



This device comes with scanner to read QR codes and barcodes (e.g. inventory, promotions).











Tableside ordering technology – the ability to take orders and collect payment directly at the table – is one way restaurant operators are looking to meet their guests’ needs, and meet these higher consumer expectations. Implementing tableside ordering can help your business in many ways, but it can be a challenging proposition, if it is not thoroughly reviewed and considered in advance.


Higher margins





Running a restaurant is a matter of margin, and tableside ordering can be a significant resource in this quest for improved profitability.


  • Have you noticed your number of tables turned per hour is stagnant or decreasing?
  • Are you finding that it takes longer for orders to be taken, placed, routed to the kitchen, prepared and served accurately?
  • On a busy night, how many comps do you have? How long do your customers have to wait for their credit card to be run through the POS and returned?



By implementing tableside ordering, you can increase table turns, which helps you serve more guests and shorten wait times to keep potential guests from walking out. Orders are more easily and quickly communicated from the guest to the kitchen or bar – all in a single-step process right at the table.



It is also easier for servers to recommend additional items, as the restaurant’s entire menu is available at their fingertips. As an additional benefit, there can be fewer comps, because orders are taken and verified with the guest directly at the table.


Guest experience



More than two thirds of a restaurant’s revenue can be attributed to loyal, returning customers. 



As such, customer interactions quickly become the lifeblood of the restaurant business. Competitive pressures continue to mount and operators are challenged to provide a differentiated service experience. This means that restaurants need to give their customers highly-personalized service quicker and more accurately than their competitor down the street. So how can you begin offering that type of fast, accurate and personalized service?



Try tableside ordering 



Your customers will immediately see the speed-ofservice benefits of having an order entered right at the table, which is then immediately sent to the kitchen for preparation – reducing the total time from order entry to delivery at the table



Another personalized benefit is the fact that servers can spend much more time at the table, providing faster and more attentive service.




Credit card skimming and other fraudulent activities are a growing concern among restaurant guests. 



Your guests become anxious when their credit cards are taken for their check payment and not returned quickly. Not only can your customers become worried about how their card is being used, but having their credit card taken from the table also delays them from leaving the restaurant – sometimes for what can be an extended length of time.



Tableside ordering can solve both of the above problems.



The first solution is the added security at the time of payment that mobile POS provides. With a device at their side that takes payment, the server ensures that the customer never loses sight of their card and they do not have to walk away from their guests. The last five minutes of the checkout experience is now the “last few seconds” and is perceptively far more secure to the customer.


The infrastructure supporting the tableside technology can also deliver additional levels of security and peace of mind.


While some tableside ordering solutions may only offer support through a consumer device such as a WiFi enabled tablet, others may provide purpose-built options that include a more secure RF network as the backbone for implementation.





When looking at a tableside ordering solution for your restaurant, it isn’t a “one size fits all” proposition, particularly when it comes to the actual devices being used. 



The affordability and variety of consumer mobile devices is enticing for operators to consider implementing within their restaurants. In order to determine the best solution for your restaurant, it is important to understand and consider the features and benefits of the different types of mobile devices that are available. Off-the-shelf tablet devices can provide an attractive and economical entry point for some. For others, such devices may have difficulties standing up to the rugged restaurant environment.


Built-for-purpose hardware is designed for and deployed in demanding restaurant environments. They can also include PCI-DSS validated technology to process customer credit cards securely.


Optional features, like those which leverage RFID technology, can also provide advanced functionality like tap-to-open and tap-to-print functions. Install RFID tags on tables in your restaurant to enable your staff to easily open a check by tapping the NCR Orderman7 device near the table. Then, using specially designed printers, servers can walk up to a printer, tap the Orderman7 device on the printer, and a receipt is immediately printed. Strategically place printers throughout the restaurant without the need for an attached POS terminal.



Seamless extension



Tableside ordering can be a natural extension of your existing implementation of NCR Aloha, the leading POS solution for the restaurant industry. It can also be the catalyst for you to consider an investment in a solution built around the Aloha Point-of-Sale. NCR Aloha Mobile is comprehensive, feature-rich software that gives servers full mobile access to many of the robust features of the Aloha POS. Since the user interface mirrors the well-known UI of the Aloha POS software, it is fast and easy for restaurants to train servers and quickly become productive team members in the restaurant. Further, NCR supports the Aloha Mobile solution across several mobile hardware platforms, including the latest generation of NCR Orderman devices as well as Apple® iOS devices like the iPad®, iPad Mini®, iPhone® and iPod touch®.



“Aloha Mobile has delivered great results for my business and ultimately my customers. My servers are using Aloha Mobile on an NCR Orderman device to place orders and receive payment at the table as well as to cover larger sections without sacrificing customer service. It is integrated seamlessly into my existing Aloha system and we’ve seen marked improvements across the board in terms of number of table turns, employee tips, and customer satisfaction. It’s the right mobile solution for us and I couldn’t envision using anything else.”


Rusty Winkstern, owner of el Monumento in Georgetown, Texas