Drive-Thru Solutions


Get the drive-thru tools you need to drive increased sales, engage guests and centrally manage your display and reporting data. It?s never been easier to gain clear insight into your drive-thru?s efficiency and sales data.


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Improve order accuracy and increase average check size


One cheeseburger combo with mustard, no tomato, fries and a diet drink. One kids meal with ketchup only, apples and a chocolate milk.


With the NCR Accuview Confirmation Board, customers can view their entire order and see the total price before moving up. They receive their correct order and drive away happy.


Visual Confirmation Works


Improve Order Accuracy - Customers can see exactly what they ordered and the price, resulting in fewer questions at the total. We can hellp you avoid costly errors up front so that food delivery and payment is correct every time.


Drive product sales - Tempt hungry drivers with breakfast, lunch, dinner and latenight offers by automatically switching images and messages for each daypart. You can offer promotions and suggestions to up-sell and cross-sell related menu items, which increases the average check size.


Increase profitability - Discourage overcharges and employee theft by displaying the total amount due at time of order. Ensuring correct payment prevents lost revenue and reduces labor costs.


Keep lines moving - You can help customers make fast decisions with appealing photos of food items. When people know the total amount due at time of order, they can prepare for payment in advance and be on their way.


Key features


  • Pedestal Mount - Offers multiple mounting options for ease of viewing
  • LCD screen - Weatherproof and able to see in sunlight
  • LED backlit display - Reduces energy consumption and increases lifespan
  • Three Year Warranty - Option to extend to five years
  • POS Integration - Reduction in disparate systems and IT costs
  • Simple Tools - Update product images and troubleshoot technology issues easily
  • Anytime Support - 24 x 7 x 365 Contact us to help


Technical specifications


  • Dimensions: H: 49.2” (1249.68mm), W: 17” (431.8mm), D: 6.5” (165.1mm)
  • Weight: 102lbs (46.27kg)
  • Connectivity: CAT5

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