NCR Hardware Maintenance Services for Restaurants


Keep your restaurant devices up and running while reducing your total costs of ownership


Make sure your restaurant devices are always ready when your customers are with fast, high-quality hardware maintenance support from NCR. From flexible on-site hardware maintenance options to whole unit replacements to maintaining hardware from multiple providers, NCR can customize our hardware support to meet the needs of your unique restaurant operations—reducing your total costs of ownership and increasing your return on investment while we’re at it.

Get your restaurant devices repaired and restored quickly, with minimal disruption:

Use one single point of contact for your NCR and non-NCR hardware maintenance

Mix and match your services and SLAs to create a hardware maintenance solution that works for your specific restaurant

Know what you’re really spending on maintenance, reduce your costs and budget better with predictable hardware maintenance plans

NCR provides a variety of hardware maintenance options including:

On-Site Support for Hardware Maintenance


We deploy skilled technicians to you with the expertise and parts to fix the problem the first time if we can’t resolve it remotely

  • Worldwide coverage – wherever you are, we can help – fast
  • Certified technicians with restaurant industry expertise and skills use state-of-the-art communication devices and are supported by dedicated Level II technical staff
  • Traditional repair, preventative maintenance and engineering changes
  • Extended coverage options that provide service up to seven days a week, 24 hours per day of standard, on-site service coverage

Depot Services


We repair failed devices at a centralized facility, offering enhanced services through next day replacement of devices and complete remanufactures of returned products

  • Depot Standard Service offers repair and return of failed products and peripheral devices
  • Advanced Exchange Depot (enhanced service) offers stocking of spares inventory by NCR and next day replacement of your devices in a seamless support process. With this service, we replace the whole unit with a completely remanufactured and configured device to minimize disruptions and improve efficiency. Each replaced unit has the latest customer image applied before the device is shipped out.
  • Depot Remanufacturing services offer a complete remanufacture of the returned product

Multi-Vendor Hardware Maintenance


Even if we didn’t make it, we can fix it with expert support and maintenance for non-NCR devices, reducing the hassle of managing multiple vendors.

  • Support for points of services from OEMs, including POS, peripherals, servers and store equipment—including digital cameras, drive-through timers and menu boards—we can support literally any IT equipment in your restaurant for the ultimate peace of mind
  • Proactive on-site account management with help desk and first call support
  • Detailed reporting, incident reduction and cleaning programs
  • Please add the following sentence after equipment – ‘This includes digital cameras, drive through timers, menu boards – literally any IT in the restaurant’

180,000 square feet of warehouse space with 130,000 units remanufactured annually    

ISO 9001:2008 certified    

Support for over 2.5 million points of service

300+ vendors supported for non-NCR devices