The restaurant industry is undergoing a huge tech shift—keep up with Digital Connected Services

From in-person to online, taking orders and getting them filled isn't as simple as it used to be. Modernize with NCR VOYIX.

Restaurants are facing some of the most disruptive challenges in decades, from consumer demand for instant access, control and personalization to the fast pace of technological change to third-party delivery.

For the last two years, and into the foreseeable future, those challenges are compounded by stagnant growth in the restaurant industry not just in the U.S. but globally as well. Customer experience is how to compete. And no one can help you design and manage amazing guest experiences quite like NCR VOYIX.

From the moment a customer opens your app to the time they get their order in house or by delivery, to payment settlement and beyond, they’re making decisions about whether they’ll return. 

You need to create an optimal experience to make sure they come back. NCR VOYIX can help you do that like no one else, with solutions that run your restaurant so you can focus on creating unforgettable customer experiences.

No one understands cloud, mobile and digital like we do. It’s how you extend the customer relationship beyond the dining room to mobile ordering and home delivery. But managing all the data associated with these varied transactions can be daunting. 

And that’s why NCR VOYIX exists to make this task easier. Learn more about what we can do for your business.

Our integrated solutions help ​reduce complexity and costs for restaurants, ​from the POS to payment.​ As the technology of the future makes its way to the POS environment today, rest assured that NCR VOYIX is already there. 

We’ve invested in the future, expanding our solutions for the way your customers interact with the dining experience — and now we’re the leader, with support services that protect your restaurant IT investment and keep transactions running.

What makes NCR VOYIX services different?

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