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Need your restaurant to go contactless—fast?

Dine-in or takeout, NCR Aloha makes contactless simple.

Get the right kind of contactless in your restaurant with Aloha.

No hidden fees. Just one simple subscription. Fill out the form below or give us a call at 1-888-679-7147

Make contactless possible in your restaurant.

With Aloha, you’ll meet guests where they are and give them the confidence to return.

Easily offer contactless dine-in service and fast, easy takeout and delivery, without disrupting your operations. It’s all available with Aloha in a simple, affordable subscription.

  • Get the right amount of contactless for your dining room—From 100% contactless menu, order and payment to contactless payments only, you can choose the options that fit
  • Offer online ordering for a seamless at-home experience—Intuitive order ahead allows guests to pay for their meal online
  • Access to third-party delivery—Offer delivery with your guests’ favorite third-party provider…without the clutter of third-party tablets
  • Fix kitchen chaos—Help your kitchen efficiently manage the influx of orders from multiple channels with best-in-class takeout and delivery optimization
  • Connect every experience—With Aloha, every experience—from the guest to the kitchen to your point of sale—is seamlessly connected.