Consumer Self-Ordering Kiosks


The functionality in NCR Consumer Self-Ordering has the

triple benefit of reducing costs, improving customer

satisfaction and increasing profitable same-store revenue.



Your customers expect choice, convenience, and flexibility. NCR Self Service Kiosks deliver.

For restaurants that want to tap into digital channels to increase same-store sales and improve customer satisfaction, NCR Consumer Self-Ordering is a kiosk-based self-service solution that allows on-site patrons to submit their own orders, pay and avoid waiting in long lines. And because NCR is the world leader in self-service hardware and software with a spectacular track record of leading-edge innovation, we ensure Consumer Self-Ordering is easy to use, seamlessly integrated with Aloha POS, Loyalty and Stored Value, and runs on a wide variety of new and compelling hardware options. 


Restaurants can create amazing customer experiences when they know what their guests truly value. Self service can be a key element in upgrading your in-store experience. Customers are faced with long lines or wait times, limited choices, inaccurate orders, and a lack of personalization. Meanwhile, restaurants are trying to overcome rising labor and food costs, increased competition, and meet customer expectations. The functionality has the triple benefit of reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profit.


With NCR Consumer Self-Ordering, you can:


  • Reallocate staff to other areas to provide superior service​


  • Improve customer satisfaction by letting customers have control of their orders ​


  • Increase throughput and say goodbye to long lines​






  • XK32
  • XK7
  • SS90
  • Countertop Kiosks
  • XK32

    Cutting-edge technology for superior customer engagement

    The powerful NCR SelfServ XK32 kiosk runs on 6th gen Intel Core processors. Its 32" glass zero-bezel display has the real estate to upgrade the visual appeal of menu items with professional images—or possibly exploded-view renderings. Seamless integration with Loyalty accrues points and applies any rewards the customer may have earned, adding a touch of personalization that 70% of on-demand customers look for. With all this and the clean lines of its visually striking form factor, the XK32 catches the customer's eye, draws them in and ensures quick uptake and high usage rates. The XK32 is versatile with multiple peripheral choices and mounting options to best fit your business needs and the design of your physical space. Deploy it on a wall to conserve space or set it up as a two-sided standalone to take full advantage of its footprint. An all-in-one device, the XK32 supports receipt printers and 2D imagers as well as Verifone and Ingenico payment devices with mag stripe readers or full-on EMV with chip and PIN.

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  • XK7

    Get your customers’ attention

    The NCR XK7 kiosk makes it easier to achieve quick adoption and high usage rates as on-demand consumers will invariably check out this all-in-one solution with its large zero bezel high bright LED backlit display with multi-touch capability and gesture support. With the NCR SelfServ XK7 you can increase throughput at peak times and deliver a superior customer experience by integrating with Loyalty and gift card solutions. On a pedestal, tabletop or wall, this kiosk fits wherever you need it most. It’s available with a 15”, 18.5” or 21.5” screen that can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Customize it further with integrated options like encrypted magnetic strip reader (MSR), fingerprint reader, camera, receipt printer and 2D scanner. Avoid the chaotic look of ugly exposed cables, loose printers and separate payment devices cluttering up your countertops by choosing the clean look of the more elegant all-in-one XK7, a hardware solution that’s built to be beautiful and tough at the same time.

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  • SS90

    A tool built to drive results

    You have just one chance to make a good first impression, so make sure your kiosks are great-looking, easy to use and provide value and convenience for patrons from their very first encounter. The NCR SelfServ™ 90 is an interactive kiosk that’s tough enough to deliver many years of superior customer experiences. Built to NCR’s exacting standards, the NCR SelfServ 90 has a large, bright screen with multi-touch capability that delivers a “tablet like” experience and supports gesture-based interactions. As a whole, this device has a familiar feel to it, particularly for on-demand consumers who are accustomed to touch-screen applications. Avoid the chaotic look of ugly exposed cables, loose printers and separate payment devices cluttering up your countertops by choosing the all-in-one SS90. Its compact footprint and multiple mounting options give you the flexibility to install it just about anywhere in your restaurant—floor pedestal, countertop or on a wall. The SelfServ 90 supports EMV (chip and PIN) standards for credit and debit payments to minimize fraud from lost, stolen, or cloned cards and give your patrons peace of mind.

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  • Countertop Kiosks

    Options to fit your restaurant's exact needs

    NCR offers a variety of sizes available through Consumer Self-Ordering to suit any need you have for screen size or kiosk placement.

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  • Seamless integration with  Aloha POS, Connected Payments (EMV) or EDC, Aloha Stored Value/Gift Card , Aloha Loyalty, Punchh or Paytronix
  • Supports complex quick combos
  • Hybrid cloud/on-site architecture with on-site order injection
  • Simple, intuitive touch interface
  • Skinnable User Interface
  • Common cloud-based menu configuration


  • Out-of-box design templates​


  • Item and modifier ordering​


  • Special instructions field​


  • Upsell offers​


  • Definable order modes

  • Loyalty sign-ups, redemptions, accrual, check balance​


  • Onboard scanner supports gift cards, loyalty, coupons​

  • Increase sales throughput during peak times and offer another channel for ordering and interaction
  • Provide millennial and gen z customers with convenience and an intuitive way to accurately design orders
  • Increase average check spend – consumers are more apt to order more when self-ordering
  • Faster to implement and lower total cost of ownership by extending the Aloha platform to self-ordering kiosks
  • Support for Multiple Order Modes
  • Multi-Concept Menu Capability
  • Calorie Counts on Items & Modifiers
  • Sales Item Support S/M/L
  • Flexible modifier management


  • Static Upsell Item


  • Submenu Open Hours


  • Manual “Out of Order” Mode
  • Lilitab MSR Enclosure for Apple iPads
  • Scanner Support for Gift Cards/Loyalty/Coupons
  • SMS Order Ready Updates via Aloha Kitchen
  • Support for Translations
  • UK APS Payments
  • Hybrid cloud/on-premise computing ensures kiosk function when connection is lost
  • Supports different systems (Windows + iOS)

Restaurant brands are undergoing an evolution and transforming their operations to become digitally integrated businesses. Omni-channel software that can help integrate physical and digital channels, while aggregating, integrating and presenting enterprise data, is critical to their success.