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You put your heart, soul and time into your restaurant. That means caring for customers, staff, product, facilities, and of course, yourself. Our restaurant solutions, like online ordering, mobile payments and restaurant loyalty programs, are centered around the Aloha POS system, and can help you deliver better customer experiences that increase loyalty, run a more efficient business and increase your bottom line.



Enhance Your Ability to Interact with Customers


Are you looking for ways to improve your customer experience, such as online ordering and mobile payments, self-service kiosks and restaurant loyalty programs? We specialize in helping you meet, and exceed, your customers’ needs. Our restaurant solutions are specifically designed to create happier customers, by giving them more options for how they interact with your business—whether they’re standing at your counter or sitting at home. 

Our Most Popular Customer Solutions


    Order Ahead via Mobile & Online Ordering


    Your customers are increasingly busy and tech savvy—which means they expect the convenience of controlling their experience. Extend your brand presence outside your four walls and keep customers happy and coming back for more. 


    •  Delight customers by letting them order from their phones, tablets, or any web- connected device


    •  Increase traffic to your business by providing more ways to browse your menu and order from the same digital experience


    •  Connect loyalty accounts and saved payment methods



    In-Store Consumer Self Service Kiosks



    Transform your in-store experience, cut down on lines, and give your customers more flexibility. Our self-service kiosks allow you to customize content and let your customers order and earn loyalty in one easy experience. 


    •  Increase order accuracy and drive additional revenue (guests order more from self-serve kiosks)
    •  Improve speed of service—at your busiest times of the day, self-ordering kiosk stations can help you sustain a high volume of orders placed into the kitchen.
    •  Reduce labor costs or shift workers to other areas of the business where they’re needed more 



    Customer Feedback



    Enable customers to share feedback—they’ll love you for it, plus, you might get some new ideas. 


    •  Create brand champions who spread the word about your restaurant after a positive experience 


    •  Increase loyalty, even if a customer had a bad experience, by speedily resolving complaints 
    •  Enable customers to share positive reviews on social media



    Restaurant Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards 



    Use customer names, not numbers. Our customizable loyalty and gift card solutions add a splash of personalization to your business that helps you attract new customers and retain existing ones. 


    •  Enable your customers to manage their loyalty programs and reload gift cards online
    •  Give customers real-time promotions and messaging when they earn a reward 
    •  Collect valuable customer data, such as purchase history, preferences and number of visits



    Digital Menu Boards and Signs


    Grab your customers’ attention to your menu, specials, advertisements or anything else you care to promote. Our digital menu boards and signage options give you a fun, customizable way to interact with customers.


    •  Integrate data from different systems such as point of sale and scheduling software for effective, accurate communications. 
    •  Customize what’s on your signs, including combined information, advertising and entertainment elements.
    •  Easy-to-use drag-and-drop features make updating signs quick and easy.



    Drive-Thru Solutions


    Making sure customers drive away happy is easy with NCR’s drive-thru solutions like our digital drive-thru order confirmation boards, that allow customers to visual their order—to improve accuracy and speed up order time. 


    •  Give customers the ability to view their entire order and the price before they move on. 
    •  Improve order accuracy by letting customers see what they order and avoid costly errors. 
    •  Increase your own profitability by ensuring correct payment and reducing labor costs.




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