Solve your restaurant's greatest challenges.

Learn how you can retain your talent, attract next-gen customers, compete for share of stomach, and more.


Make off-premise & third-party delivery smoother and more profitable

Retain your talent

Attract next-generation customers with digital

Manage the pace of technology & stay up to date

Compete for more share of stomach

Make off-premise & third-party delivery smoother and more profitable

  • Streamline menu creation and management for consistency across all channels and platforms
  • Seamlessly route digital orders to the kitchen at the exact time for maximum freshness
  • Provide guests and delivery drivers visibility into the order at every step in the process

Retain your talent

Not only are more restaurant staff trained on NCR Aloha than any other POS, but a majority also rate Aloha as their favorite. So why waste time and money training staff on another system that's less familiar and harder to use? 

  • Offer your employees a digital-first experience that keeps them productive, engaged and empowered
  • Provide your managers with real-time data to enable accurate, in-the-moment decisions for greater profitability
  • Reduce training and on-boarding times with the industry’s most-recognized and most-used POS


Technology that's trusted by more than 75,000 restaurants around the world.

Get everything you need to run your restaurant from end-to-end.

Attract next-generation customers with digital

  • Converge your physical and online channels to offer one seamless, branded experience for your digital-first guests
  • Gain flexibility in the types of devices you use within your restaurant - whether fixed or mobile
  • Easily test and try new capabilities to drive amazing guest experiences, whether using technology from NCR or through integrations with our certified partners

Manage the pace of technology & stay up to date

More than 100,000 restaurants worldwide use NCR Restaurant Solutions. Why does this matter for your restaurant? Because we use insights from this global technology footprint in every feature, service and product decision we make. So you always know you’re bringing the most comprehensive and trend-ready restaurant technology to the table.

  • Simplify and connect all the components of your operations with a reliable, robust platform of sale
  • Gain additional functionality - whether from NCR or 200+ certified partners - through robust APIs within the core POS
  • Get everything you need to run your restaurant and keep your technology current with an affordable subscription offer

Compete for more share of stomach

  • Deliver highly-personalized guest experiences and reward your brand loyalists
  • Create upsell or cross-sell opportunities based on guest order history and preferences
  • Easily extend your brand into new channels, such as off-premise ordering and third-party delivery

Why NCR Aloha

Table stakes:

✓ Never lose a transaction

✓ Payments of all types

✓ Durable hardware

✓ 3rd-party integrations

✓ Mobile POS capabilities

✓ Centrally manage your restaurant

Only with NCR:

✓ #1 rated by restaurant staff

✓ Backed by 35,000 employees

✓ Global-ready

✓ 135 years in business because experience counts