Everything you need to run your cafe or bakery in one powerful POS platform.

Deliver amazing guest experiences with a POS platform designed just for you.


Compete on customer experience

With a connected, intuitive POS platform, you’ll serve up a fast, easy experience for your customers, every time. Your staff has a great experience, too, with easy-to-use back office tools that make managing your business a breeze.

With NCR, your customers can pay anyway they want: cash, EBT, credit card, debit card, gift card, RFID, mobile wallets and EMV chip cards.


Keep your customers coming back

You make delicious lattes and scones, we’ll make sure your customers come in more--and spend more--with a solution that helps you build, manage and maintain a variety of loyalty programs in the same system.

Take control of item availability with our POS solution that tracks and displays availability of your fresh baked goods. As items get sold, the number displayed on the POS decreases; when availability becomes 0, it can show that the item has been 86’d.

Join more than 100,000 restaurants that are powered by NCR restaurant solutions.

Don’t know which product you need? We can help you.

Why NCR Aloha

Table stakes:

✓ Never lose a transaction

✓ Payments of all types

✓ Durable hardware

✓ 3rd-party integrations

✓ Mobile POS capabilities

✓ Centrally manage your restaurant

Only with NCR:

✓ #1 rated by restaurant staff

✓ Backed by 35,000 employees

✓ Global-ready

✓ 135 years in business because experience counts


Get the best solution for your restaurant:


Fine Dining

Deliver amazing guest experiences like complex multi-course service, custom ordering, check and item splitting, and more.
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Quick Service

Transform your front of house, table your third-party tablet chaos, accelerate your takeout operations, and drive increasing customer satisfaction.
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Fast Casual

Make your fast casual even faster, smooth your order counters, accelerate takeout, extend into digital channels, and more
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Casual Dining

Drive more revenue through loyalty programs, drive dynamic beverage upsells, smooth your kitchen chaos, and manage your third-party tablet and delivery chaos, all in one platform.
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Bar & Nightclub

Save bar tabs with a swipe, go mobile, detect and prevent bad employee behavior, crush chargebacks, and more.
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Cafe & Bakery

Accept all kinds of payments, always have their favorites on hand, and keep your customers coming back with robust loyalty programs, all in one platform.
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Get everything you need to run your restaurant from end-to-end