Aloha OrderPay

With a handheld POS system, you can keep your orders & payments moving—anywhere in your restaurant

Handheld restaurant POS for tableside, bar, patio, curbside & more


  • Free your servers and cashiers to take orders and payment anywhere inside your restaurant, at the table, at the bar, on the patio, at the curb and at the counter (or anywhere at all)

  • Taking orders is easy, fast and intuitive, with multiple ways to set up modifiers

  • Includes floor plan with dynamic updates, auto-creation of tabs and transfer from tabs and tables

  • Bright capacity touchscreen for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Integrated payments with EMV, magstripe and NFC/contactless payments acceptance, including ApplePay and Google Wallet

  • Durable and ready for your heaviest rush times


How pay-at-the-table really pays off

When you give your guests the ability to pay at the table, you can accomplish more than you think. See what we mean in our tableside ordering blog.

Increase your profit margins with reduced errors and comps

You've seen it before: servers get in the weeds and accidentally enter the wrong order into the POS. Now you're looking at comped meals and less-than-stellar reviews. But with the handheld Aloha OrderPay, your servers can easily deliver friendly, personal service and get the order right the first time…every time.

Reduce your labor cost and increase employee tips

Expand the number of tables your servers can cover in their section using Aloha OrderPay. With handheld POS devices, orders are sent directly into the kitchen, ensuring accurate orders, speeding up service and keeping your best servers on the floor interacting with guests. 

Never touch a credit card again

Now, you can give your servers and guests a fast, easy and contactless payment experience. Your guests can use their digital wallet to tap and pay or scan a QR code on Aloha OrderPay to pay with their phone. No more handling payment cards or leaving your guests waiting for their check folio, card and receipt.

Your handheld ordering, made simple. Contact us for a demo or to request more information.