How to eliminate physical card handling to boost safety & sales

When the pandemic threatened the flow of fresh Mexican food, margaritas and fun, Mad Mex turned to NCR Voyix to help them adopt contactless payment capabilities to give customers a safe way to engage.

How to eliminate physical card handling to boost safety & sales


To eliminate physical card handling to boost safety & sales

Mad Mex, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania-based Big Burrito Group, is known for its fresh California-inspired Mexican food, margaritas and casual, fun atmosphere—but easy, good times at their twelve locations were massively disrupted in 2020. During the pandemic, their business suffered, like so many other restaurants, when many of their customers stopped visiting and state regulations limited their operations. To help keep their business going, they needed a way to eliminate physical contact between staff and customers while offering more payment choices, so they could safely turn more tables.


Contactless payments using QR codes with NCR Voyix Aloha

NCR Voyix enabled contactless payments using QR codes with Mad Mex’s Aloha POS system. To ensure its success, NCR Voyix performed testing and trained staff to make the adoption of it seamless, delivering the most value possible. Because this capability is compatible with any smartphone, their customers can easily adopt it—and with the ability to receive email receipts, Mad Mex now offers their customers a  completely contactless payment option.


More table turns, safety & guest satisfaction

10% of their orders were successfully completed via contactless payment during lockdown—and their staff and customers appreciated it. Wary of new technology, Mad Mex employees were impressed by the reliability of NCR Voyix’s contactless payment solution and its features, including pop-up notifications at the POS when payments are completed. And their customers say they valued the effort Mad Mex made to provide contactless payment not only for safety, but also the convenience.  Today, Mad Mex stills leverage their contactless payment to turn more tables.